Google adds 7 new features to RCS-enabled Google Messages

Google has already reached the milestone of one billion monthly active users using RCS messaging. To celebrate the new milestone, Google has added seven new features to RCS based Google Messages. If you use Google Messages you will love these new features.

Recently Apple also revealed that they will be bringing RCS support to iMessage. So starting with iOS 18, it will be easier to connect between Android and iPhones. Yes, this feature is expected to be released with iOS 18 next year. So more users will be joining the RCS based Google Messaging.

Some of the new features are part of the latest Android Feature Drop available for most Android devices. You can check those features in our latest story. Now let’s check out seven new features in RCS enabled Messaging.

1. Photomoji

Emojis sure makes the conversation interesting. Using Emojis we can save time and also we can react to messages using Emojis. Google takes the fun to another level. You can now use Snap as emoji to react to messages.

Google RCS Messages New Features

After selecting the snap, you can choose the object you want from the snap and other remaining objects in the background will be removed. And then you can use it to react to messages similar to stickers.

2. Voice Moods

Do you send a lot of voice messages? You can now make their background interesting by choosing a lively theme. After recording your message, you will get emoji themes option, choose any theme and send the voice message.

Google RCS Messages New Features

The current set of theme are based on live emojis. This gives a visual boost to a normal conversation. Google might add more visuals in future.

3. Screen Effects

This is some fun feature. It animate the whole screen after sending messages. It doesn’t work with all messages, only select prompts are supported. There are currently more than 15 prompt words that support Screen Effect.

Google RCS Messages New Features

When you send messages like “it’s snowing” or “I love you” the screen effects will kick in. For Snow prompt you will see snowing and hearts for Love prompt.

4. Custom Bubbles

The new feature let users change the color of the chat bubble as well as the chat background. Users can change different background color for each chat. It will come in handy to set a flashy color for important chats to avoid sending messages to a wrong chat.

Google RCS Messages New Features

5. Reaction Effects

On reacting to messages, flashy animation will appear that resembles the reacted emojis. For example if you react with thumbs up Emoji, three other colorful big thumbs up animation will fly over the message. It support some commonly used Emojis.

Google RCS Messages New Features

6. Animated Emojis

Google has given a lot of importance to the Emoji and visual improvement in this update. The tech giant also improves the basic Emojis. When you send the emoji, it will now have animated effects.

Google RCS Messages New Features

7. Profiles

In Google Message, you will be able to set up your profile. Choose your name, profile picture and even the phone number. This could help prevent scams from unknown contacts. I believe this will be improved further in future.

Google RCS Messages New Features

These are the new features Google added to its Message app which is available for all Android phones. Recently Google also released quarterly update for Android devices which has about nine new features excluding these RCS features.

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