Ashutosh Singh

11 New Features Coming to Android Devices

Dec 1, 2023

The new set of Android features are here. Google releases these updates in a few months interval.

This is not a Pixel feature drop, but an update available for most Android phones as well as other Android powered devices.

In this latest December 2023 Android feature pack, Google is rolling out 11 new features. Let’s find out these new features.

It brings more emoji combinations to create new Stickers. All you have to do is type two Emojis and you will see the new sticker result at the top of the keyboard.

New Emoji Kitchen Combinations

In Google Messages, users can now set background theme in Voice Messages.

Voice Moods

You can now react to messages with Animated emojis that fly near the message. Google calls it Reaction Effects.

Full Screen Animated Emojis

10 more free channels are joining Google TV Channels. There are over 100 free channels.

New Google TV Channels

WearOS smartwatches get support for controlling more smart home devices along with some new control options.

Control More Devices from Watch

With the new update, users can set the status Home or Away in Google Home in Smartwatch. Switchinging between status will take assigned actions.

Google Home Status

Users can now use wear OS smartwatch to start Assistant routines with a voice command. All you need to do is setup the routine. Coming Soon!

Start Routines from Smartwatch

On Android phones, users can now set a custom PIN for FIDO2 security keys. If you lost your physical key you don’t have to worry as it will ask for custom PIN.

Set a Pin for FIDO2 Security Keys

Stay up to date with with important information. At a Glance widget on Smartwatch shows information like weather alerts, travel updates and event reminders.

At a Glance for Watch

Talkback uses AI to create Image description and read it loud to help users who are blind and low-vision. This works with photos taken from camera, social media pictures and more.

Hear AI Image Descriptions

Calls can be transcribed to text. It will support more language soon. Plus users can now type reply in Text which will be read a loud to the caller.

Take Calls through Live Captions