Apple Slated to Bring RCS Support to iPhones in 2024

The Green Bubble Blue bubble differentiation is coming to an end! Apple just announced that the iPhone will soon be supporting RCS Text messages. Yes, that is right, Apple has had no other option but to cave in and adopt RCS messaging to their iPhones.

RCS Messaging is finally coming to iPhones starting in 2024. Now, how did all of this happen?

With the introduction of RCS Messages, there will no longer be any issues with texting an Android phone from an iPhone.

We can expect to see unchanged quality in images being sent via RCS as well as the ability to react to messages right away. This should have been a feature that should have been present long back since Apple had no interest in releasing iMessage for Android-powered devices.

An Apple Spokesperson while speaking to 9to5Mac stated that Apple is currently working on bringing in RCS Messaging to iPhones in 2024. With RCS Messaging there will be better interoperability for cross-platform messaging.

Now this wouldn’t matter to you if you are someone who is friends with people who make use of various text messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Signal, or similar platforms. Because this is Apple that is planning to implement RCS Messaging, they surely will keep the green bubble texts when messaging via RCS.

iMessage will not be going anywhere as it is the best way to send texts between Apple devices that have iMessage.

If you were wondering whether there are any advantages to RCS Messages. Well, there are plenty which is why you see RCS Messages present on almost every Android smartphone out there.

  • Send hi-quality images and videos between devices
  • Works on cellular or WiFi connectivity
  • Easily react to messages
  • Supports all emojis
  • Major network carriers have support for RCS out of the box
  • See who all has read your messages
  • Typing indicators, read receipts
  • Create group chats
  • Send GIFs within conversations
  • Better overall security as RCS is the industry standard for text messaging

Expect support for RCS Messages on iPhones next year with the introduction of the next iOS version which usually takes place in September.

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