Download LG Bridge (LG PC Suite) for Windows & Mac

LG has quite the smartphone industry, but there are still many popular LG devices in the market. These phones are well known for their great camera, display, and design. Some of the popular LG Phones are LG G7, LG G8, LG V30, LG V50, and more. If you own an LG device but not using any software to manage like LG Bridge or LG PC Suite then you are missing great features. It will make your day to day usage experience better. Here you get to download LG PC Suite also known as LG Bridge.

What is LG PC Suite?

LG PC Suite is an official phone manager software and it is also known as LG Bridge. It is an official tool from LG which is available for Windows & Mac OS. It is used to connect LG phones with Computers for sharing data between LG devices and computers. The tool is also used for taking backup of LG phones and update software. It also acts as a bridge between LG phones and computers to manage files in case if the LG USB driver is not installed on your phone.

LG Bridge Tool

If you are not much familiar with Device manager applications like PC suite then make sure to go through the features of LG Bridge.

LG PC Suite/LG Bridge – Features

Support LG Phones: The LG PC Suite is an official tool and supports all the LG devices for managing data on the phone. It supports phones such as LG V30, LG V50, LG V50s ThinQ, LG G8, LG G7, LG G8s ThinQ, and other LG Phones.

LG AirDrive: This feature is available in the LG PC Suite which allows users to manage data on the device. It works wirelessly and so no need to connect the LG phone with the computer via USB Driver.

LG Backup: LG Bridge or LG PC Suite has another feature called LG Backup which allows us to take a backup of data in LG Phones. You can backup data like Apps, Contacts, Documents, and other files. It let you restore backup whenever you want using a USB cable.

LG PC Suite

Software Update: It let us update our LG Phones to the latest software available. And it is quite easier, just connect your phone to a computer and click on Software Update.

LG PC Suite

Simple & Convenient: It is a small tool that comes with a simple interface and makes the tool easy to use. Also, it is convenient to use because we can install it easily and it’s available for Windows and Mac.

Download LG Bridge (LG PC Suite)

If you have an LG Phone then you should try the LG Bridge. It is a great tool to manage LG devices. The LG PC Suite is available for Windows and Mac as well. So if you have any of the platforms then you can use them to manage your device. Once you try the tool you will simply fall in love with the tool. You can download the LG PC Suite/LG Bridge for your platform using the below links.

After downloading the LG Bridge tool for your platform you can use the general way to install the tool on your phone. After installing if you want to know how to use the tool then you can follow the next guide.

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How to Use LG Bridge (LG PC Suite)

  1. Download and Install the tool on your computer either Windows or Mac.
  2. Now run the tool and it will ask you to update LG USB Driver, click on the Yes button and wait for the download.
  3. It will open the tool and there you can see three options LG AirDrive, LG Backup, Software Update.
  4. On your phone go to Settings > About phone and click 7-8 time on Build Number. Then go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options.
  5. In developer options enable USB Debugging.
  6. Connect your LG phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  7. The tool will now detect your Phone. Login to the tool using the same account which is logged in to your phone.
  8. Now you can use any available feature of the tool without any issues.

This way you can use LG Bridge or LG PC Suite to manage your LG phone. You can take backup, share files and even update your phone from the tool.

So there you have it the complete guide on LG Bridge/LG PC Suite. If you are unable to access the tool or getting any error while connecting the device then let us know in the comment section.

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