How to Customize Keyboard on Samsung Galaxy Phone

In today’s customization guide we will share how to Customize Keyboard on Samsung Galaxy phones. Keyboard is used in the majority of the apps varying from messaging apps to even games. This means that we use Keyboard more than anything else every day. And so it becomes super important to personalize the keyboard for best experience.

While there are various options to customize Lock screen, and Home screen, the options are limited for Keyboard customization. But in this guide you will unlock various options to customize Samsung Keyboard.

If you are a Samsung user, you might be familiar with the Good Lock tool, which is known for its advanced customization for almost every interface we access in a phone. And for this guide we’ll be using the same tool. One thing to note is that this customization works on Samsung Keyboard and not other Keyboards like Gboard.

Customize Keyboard on Samsung Phone

Before we jump to the steps to customize keyboard, first let’s see what elements you can customize on the keyboard.

  • Create your own Keyboard from scratch
  • Style all the elements in Keyboard (Like key color, tap motion effect, keyboard theme)
  • Create and edit custom stickers
  • Play Keyboard practice games
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Sticker suggestions in bigger view
  • Hide and show .com and slash keys

So you can customize everything that you see in the Keyboard.

Setup Good Lock Module

As mentioned earlier we will be making use of Good Lock that works without root access. So first we need to install the tool as well as the required module. Here is the process.

  1. Open the Galaxy Store on your phone and search for Good Lock.
    Customize Keyboard on Samsung Phone
  2. If you don’t find the Good Lock in search, then you can search for Good Lock in Google and open the Galaxy store link. Or simply use this link.
  3. Tap the Install button to get the app on your phone.
  4. Once installed, open it. Look for Keys Cafe in the Make Up tab and tap the Download icon next to it.
    Customize Keyboard on Samsung Phone

Setup your own Keyboard

Let’s start with steps for creating a new keyboard.

  1. Open Good Lock and then open Keys cafe.
  2. Turn on the toggle for Make your own keyboard and then open it.
    Customize Keyboard on Samsung Phone
  3. Here you can create a keyboard in a language of your choice. Also you can choose between Qwerty, qwertz, and Azerty keyboard layouts.
  4. To edit further tap on the Edit icon. Here you add more rows to your keyboard and also drag and drop stickers and symbols to your keyboard.
    How to Customize Keyboard on Samsung Phone
  5. Once done you can tap on the Apply icon.

You can also upload a valid keyboard file from the upload icon available at the top right corner.

Stylize your Keyboard (Important)

If you want to edit your existing Keyboard then you can follow this section.

  1. Open Keys Cafe in Good Lock.
  2. Turn On the toggle for Style your own keyboard and open it.
    How to Customize Keyboard on Samsung Phone
  3. First choose the color for your Keyboard either from Recommendation or you can pick your own color. After selecting the color, tap on Apply.
  4. Now switch to the Effects tab. Here you can choose the effect that will trigger when you tap the button on the keyboard. You can also choose Key color, and key motion effect.
    How to Customize Keyboard on Samsung Phone
  5. In the Sound tab, you can choose the Key touch sound.

Sticker and other Settings

There are a few more options for Keyboard customization. This includes Stickers and other Keyboard settings.

  1. Open Good Lock followed by Keys Cafe module.
  2. To create and edit stickers, tap on My Sticker.
    How to Customize Keyboard on Samsung
  3. Now tap on the + icon and choose a sticker or photo. After that go back and it will appear in the My Sticker page that you can use in the Samsung Keyboard.
  4. In the Advanced keyboard setting, you can change a few settings related to Keyboard based on your preference.
    How to Customize Keyboard on Samsung

Tip: You can also play Sentence Practice and Speed test using the Keys cafe module. All you need to do is open the Module and then go to Play keyboard game. Choose the game and enjoy.

Customize Keyboard on Samsung Phone

So that’s all on how to customize Keyboard on Samsung phones. The Style section is what is important in Keys Cafe which really makes Keyboard amazing. My favorites are the Keyboard background animation, key color and key motion.

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