How to switch to Gboard on Samsung Galaxy Phones (2023)

Are you missing Gboard after getting a Samsung phone? You can change the default Samsung keyboard to Gboard on your Samsung phone. And this is the guide you need to follow.

Google Keyboard or Gboard is by far the best keyboard app for Android phones. Many phone brands have Gboard set as the default keyboard. There are many reasons why Gboard is the best. It has multiple themes, google translate, glide typing, multilingual support, voice input, and many more interesting features. Most users install the Gboard app immediately after getting a new phone.

Samsung has its own keyboard which is the default keyboard for Galaxy phones. The Samsung keyboard is pretty good on its own, but still no match for Gboard. If you’ve used Gboard before and are using the Samsung keyboard app, you’ll immediately notice the difference. And right away you’ll want to switch to Gboard on your Samsung.

There is no need to settle for the Samsung keyboard if you can get Gboard on your device, given that you like Gboard better. If you are a new Samsung user and want to change your Samsung keyboard to Gboard, then this guide is for you.

Get the Gboard App

Unfortunately, the Gboard is not installed by default on Samsung phones. And so to switch from Samsung Keyboard to Gboard you need to download and install the app first.

Open Play Store on your phone and search for Gboard or Google keyboard. Or you can directly jump to this link.

Now tap the green Install button to get the Google Keyboard on your Galaxy phone. Wait for the app to install and once the app is installed move to the next step.

Switch to Gboard on Samsung

Once you have the Gboard app installed on your phone, it’s time to make it the default keyboard. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Scroll down and open the General Management option.
    How to switch to Gboard on Samsung Phones
  3. Now on this page select Keyboard List and default.
    How to switch to Gboard on Samsung Phones
  4. Under the default list, tap Default Keyboard and choose the Gboard app.
    How to switch to Gboard on Samsung Phones
  5. When you select Gboard, it will be set as the default keyboard on your phone.

So this is what you need to do to enjoy the smoothness of the Google keyboard on your Samsung phone. Gboard is the only keyboard a user need to do all sort of keyboard tasks. I hope you are now enjoying the Google keyboard. In case of any query, you can ask in the comment section.

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