40+ Best Streaming Services in Canada – Free and Paid [2024]

Gone are the days when you would use your TV remote to flip through TV channels to watch your favorite TV Shows or movies via cable network connection. With Smart TVs getting cheaper and every household having WiFi, people prefer to make use of streaming services. Not only are they cheaper than your traditional cable TV, but you can also watch whatever show or movie you like without any issue.

Today, we will be taking a look at the best streaming services in Canada.

What are Streaming Services?

These are services where users can stream consumable content such as entertainment videos, educational videos, and more. There are various types of streaming services that can be enjoyed both free and paid. These are the best replacements for cable TV and other satellite services.

If you are lost in the deep of streaming services, this guide will be the perfect tool that helps you choose the best paid and free streaming services in Canada. Let’s get started.

The reason why people prefer streaming services is not only because of the shows but also due to the ease of signing up as well as canceling your subscription to the service. There are no strings attached nor are there any hidden charges.

Now, when we talk about streaming services, most of us would think about the various plans that come with them. Well, you can also make use of free streaming services out there. First, we will be looking at the best free streaming services that you can use in Canada.

Best Free Streaming Services in Canada

When it comes to free streaming services, there are a good number of them out there. However, some of them might not be available in your region, you can always make use of a VPN service to get access to the platforms. Here is a table that shows you details about the free streaming services.

PlatformContent AvailableDVR RecordingSupported DevicesVPN RequiredAccount Required
Pluto TV29 Free Channels, TV Shows, and MoviesNoSmart TVs, Mobile, PC, and Streaming DevicesYesNo
Peacock TV50+ Channels and  40,000 hours of movies and TV ShowsNoSmart TVs, Mobile, PC, and Streaming DevicesYesYes
Samsung TV PlusLocal Channels based on regionNoSamsung Smart TVs 2017 and newerNoNo
HuluLive TV Channels, Live Music Streaming, Exclusive ContentCloud DVRSmart TVs, Mobile, PC, and Streaming DevicesYesYes
CBSLive Channels, TV Shows, SportsCloud DVRSmart TVs, Mobile, PC, and Streaming DevicesNoYes
HBO MaxHBO Original Shows, TV Series, and moreNoSmart TVs, Mobile, PC, and Streaming DevicesYesYes
Amazon FreeVeeTV shows and MoviesNoAndroid, iOS, Smart TVs, Streaming Sticks, and Gaming Consoles.YesYes
Tubi TVTV shows and MoviesNoSmart TVs, Mobile Devices, Game Consoles, PC, Streaming SticksNoYes
Crackle TVTV Shows and MoviesNoSmart TVs, Mobile Devices, Game Consoles, PC, Streaming SticksYesYes
VuduTV Shows and Movies – Ad-Supported Streaming. Purchase required to buy or rent a movieNoSmart TVs, Mobile Devices, Game Consoles, PC, Streaming SticksNoYes
Xumo TVTV ChannelsNoLG Smart TVs via Channel PlusNoYes

Other Free Streaming Services:

Best Streaming Services in Canada – Paid


Netflix is one of the streaming services that are available around the globe. The service boasts a huge number of TV shows and movies as well as a number of in-house produced content. Having a Netflix account also gets you to stream various shows and movies that are only exclusive to the streaming services. The service lets you stream their content on Smart TVs, Mobile devices as well as your PC.

BasicCAD $9.99Good480p
StandardCAD $16.49Better1080p
PremiumCAD $20.99Best4K HDR

Amazon Prime Video

Another streaming service that is popular like Netflix is Amazon Prime. While you get to stream all your shows and movies, you can also subscribe to other channels within the service such as STARZ, Paramount+, Nick+, etc. With these premium add-ons, you can stream their content right within the Amazon Prime Video app. Amazon Prime Video is available on smart TVs, mobile devices, and PCs. Amazon Prime has two types of plans. The monthly plan will cost you CAD $9.99 and the yearly plan will cost you, CAD $99. You can also take advantage of the 30 days free trial to see how the service works for you in terms of shows and movie releases. Here is the table of the various channels and the prices that you need to pay per month.

Premium Channel Add-OnPrices Per MonthFree Trials
Stack TVCAD $12.9930 days free trial
Nick+CAD $5.9930 days free trial
BritboxCAD $9.997 days free trial
Super ChannelCAD $9.9930 days free trial
HayuCAD $6.9930 days free trial
ShudderCAD $6.9930 days free trial
STARZCAD $5.9930 days free trial
Sundance NowCAD $6.9930 days free trial
OUT TVCAD $3.9930 days free trial


Disney+ is another streaming service that lets you watch a number of TV shows. The reason why many people choose Disney+ is simply that you can watch a ton of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies right away. You can watch shows from various channels like National Geographic and STAR Network. The service lets you stream on mobile, TV, and PC.

Standard with AdsCAD $7.99/monthNone
Standard (Ad-Free)CAD $11.99/monthNone
PremiumCAD $14.99/monthNone

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is another great streaming service but, it only lets you stream TV Shows. You do get the latest TV Shows and animated series right away. You, however, won’t be getting movies in the Canadian version of Paramount Plus. Their service gets you a free 7-day trial and has a monthly subscription fee of CAD $5.99. There are no details of its yearly plans and neither do we have any expected timeline as to when you will be able to watch movies on Canadian Paramount Plus. You can explore more about the channels here.

MonthlyCAD $5.997-days free trial


For all the sports fans out there in Canada, FuboTV is the streaming service you need in order to watch all of your favorite sports It does have other channels for you to watch and is a great alternative to using the boring old cable network connection. The streaming service is available on a good number of devices such as mobile, PC, and also on your smart TV streaming devices. You also get to record your shows and other sports events for a total of 250 hours – which is not bad at all. Here are the details for the plans and their pricing.

The subscription starts from C$9.99 for the first month, then C$24.99 per month.

Curiosity Stream

If you aren’t interested in watching TV shows and movies, would documentaries interest you? If so, then you are in luck! Curiosity Steam is a streaming service for you to enjoy documentaries on all sorts of topics. You can stream more than 1000s of documentaries on a large number of devices such as your PC, mobile, and even on a number of different smart TVs out there. The upside is that you can take a look at the library of what documentaries you will be able to watch. The downside to the service is that it misses out on any free trials for you to try and get a feel of the service If this streaming service interests you, here are the plans and benefits.

PlanPriceVideo Quality
Standard MonthlyUSD $4.99HD
Premium MonthlyUSD $9.994K

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is another great service if you want to watch a variety of shows that are all original and available only on the Apple TV+. There are new episodes made available to you every Friday for some shows and for other shows, you will find all episodes being released right away, check out the Apple TV channels list here. The service can be downloaded onto a number of devices such s mobile devices, smart TVs, and other streaming sticks. 

There are different ways you can follow to get access to the Apple TV+ service. You can make use of the free 7-day trial to get comfortable with the service before purchasing a plan. You can get 3 months of free Apple TV+ if you purchase a new Apple device. Once you complete the free trials, the service will cost you $5.99 a month.

MonthlyCAD $12.997-days free trial


Discovery+ is a great streaming service with shows based on science, tech, automobile, food, history, and more. You can get to watch the latest shows from the above categories on your smartphone, PC, or even on your smart TV. Apart from the popular shows that might be streaming on other platforms, you can also watch many Discovery Plus original shows. Good service for those who love to learn and educate themselves about new things. There is no free trial available on this platform. You can check the complete list of channels available on Discovery Plus here.

MonthlyCAD $6.99Has some advertisements
Monthly CAD $8.99Ad-free


Crave is a streaming platform based in Canada and offers you a good number of TV shows and movies from various networks such as Showtime, HBO, and STRAZ and has several programs made for kids like cartoons and animated movies. You can stream the service either by visiting the Crave website or, can get access to the service with the help of your TV providers. The service is exclusive to Canada and new users can make use of the free 30-day trial.

Crave Mobile MonthlyCAD $9.99
Crave Total MonthlyCAD $19.99
Crave Mobile YearlyCAD $99.90
Crave Total YearlyCAD $199.90
STARZ Add OnCAD $5.99

Other Paid Services in Canada:

  • BritBox – $9.99/month, $99.99/year
  • CBC Gem Premium – $4.99/month
  • Crunchyroll – $9.99/$12.49 per month, $124.99/year
  • FXNow – $5.99/month
  • Highball.TV – $5/month, $50/year
  • Shudder – $4.75/month, $56.99/year
  • YouTube Premium – Starting $6.99/month


Q. Is HBO Max and Hulu available in Canada?

No. Both streaming services are currently unavailable in Canada. However, you can make use of a VPN to pay and stream its content right away.

Q. Does Roku have free channels?

Yes! Roku has a good number of channels that you can watch for free, check out the complete list of channels here. All you need is a Roku streaming device such as a Roku Stick or the Roku Streaming box. Having a Roku-powered TV will also work perfectly.

Q. How to watch local TV channels for free?

You can watch local TV channels for free easily via Pluto TV and Peacock TV. But if you’ve got a Samsung Smart TV from 2017 or newer, you’ll get access to a good number of local channels without the need to create an account.

Q. What service shows can I watch on Crave?

If you’re subscribed to Crave, you’ll be able to stream shows from HBO Max, Showtime, CTV Comedy, OutTV, Starz, MTV, and also Crave Original content.

Q. How do I stream free services that are available in the USA but not in Canada?

With the help of a good and reputable VPN service, you will be able to get access to a majority of free and paid streaming services sitting at home in Canada. 

Q. Is it legal to use VPN Services?

Yes! It’s legal to use VPN services.  They not only allow you access to geo-locked content but can also protect you online at all times. You can use a VPN service to watch particular movies on Netflix that are available only on the US or UK versions of Netflix.

Q. What are some good VPN services?

You can choose between Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark VPN are great choices for VPNs. They offer you a monthly subscription and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Wrapping up…

This concludes all of the best streaming services in Canada that let you watch TV Shows, Movies, and also local TV Channels. You have the option of choosing between free or paid ones. Depending on what is suitable for you and what constant you usually prefer, you can pick any one of the above-mentioned free or paid streaming services.

If you feel that there are some other free streaming services out there in Canada, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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