15 Best Pixel Launcher Alternatives for Android [2024 List]

Pixel launcher is one of the best and most simplified launchers for Android smartphones. It’s a perfect launcher in every department, except customization, there are only a few options available in the customization section. As we know that, there are a bouquet of customization options available on Android, like third-party widget apps, icon grid layout, wallpapers, and more.

So, if you want to customize your smartphone’s home screen similar to Pixel, then here’s a list of 15 Best Pixel Launcher Alternatives to use in 2024.

Best Pixel Launcher Alternatives

1. Lawnchair 2 Launcher

Lawnchair 2 launcher resembles the Pixel launcher, and one of the best things about Lawnchair 2 is that it brings a whole bunch of customization options. Talking about the features, then you can get the basic options to customize the desktop and app drawer grid size, icon pack, blur page backgrounds, change fonts, Sesame and Google Feeds shortcuts, Gestures, and more. You can even change the home screen layout to the older version of Android.

Download – Lawnchair 2 (Free)

2. Ruthless Launcher

Ruthless Launcher, as the name suggests, the launcher is based on Amir Zaidi’s Rootless Pixel Launcher but brings some extra tweaks and functionalities. In terms of customization, the launcher supports third-party icon packs, icon shapes, icon masking, accent colors support, and fonts. It also lets you completely customize the home screen elements like News feed, At a Glance, status bar hide option, icon labels, infinite scrolling, and many more.

pixel launcher alternatives

Download – Ruthless Launcher (Free)

3. Niagara Launcher

If you are looking for a clean and minimal home screen setup, then you can try out the Niagara Launcher. For features, the launcher has the option to see the notifications right on the home screen along with an option to reply, obviously, this is an optional feature. The launcher has the option to hide pre-installed bloatware. And a bunch of wallpapers picked by the Niagara team. You can see your favorite apps right on the home screen, while the app drawer can be access by swiping from the right. It is small in size weighs only 5MB in size.

Download – Niagara Launcher (Free)

4. Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is yet another Pixel Launcher alternative. It was launched back in 2018 as a Nova Launcher competitor. By default, the launcher bumps up with Google Pixel like home screen layout. Talking about the features then, Hyperion brings a lot of theming options, you can change colors for the theme, drawer, widget colors, Icons, and other elements. Other than these options, you can change desktop and menu grid size according to your needs. It also brings animations similar to the Nova Launcher. You can also download supreme version which comes with features like custom fonts, two-row dock, and more.

Download – Hyperion Launcher (Free)

5. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is another great alternative for Pixel Launcher users, as the launcher has a dedicated feeds page. You can stay connected with latest news with feeds page. Talking about the other features, then the Microsoft Launcher comes with dedicated dark mode, bundled with some beautiful wallpapers, customizable icons, and much more. One of the best things of Microsoft Launcher is, you can also create a folder in the App Drawer. Not only this, but it also packs a number of useful widgets for the home screen.

Download – Microsoft Launcher (Free)

6. Nothing Launcher

The next launcher in the list of best Pixel launcher alternatives is the Nothing Launcher, the same launcher seen on the Nothing Phone (1). The launcher has similar functionalities and look like the Pixel launcher, but has its own font called Nothing font. It has some prebuilt widgets, including the weather widget and clock widget. You can swipe up to access the app drawer and customize icons and apps size as you want.

Download – Nothing Launcher (Free)

7. CPL Launcher

CPL aka Customized Pixel Launcher is similar to the Hyperion launcher. CPL was launched late in 2018 and available for free on Play Store. This launcher has an option, which lets you lock the home screen, which locks your setup. In terms of features, then this launcher houses with features like changing the grid size alongside the screen padding options, a bunch of scroll effects, change icon label fonts, wallpaper scrolling, and all the basic features which are available in Hyperion Launcher.

Download – CPL Launcher (Free)

8. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the most downloaded launchers on the Play Store, it needs no introduction. You can customize the home screen according to your needs, every widget, icon pack, and wallpaper apps are sported with this launcher. It packs with all the basic features that we’ve seen in the above-listed launchers. As a default, it brings a simple layout that is similar to old Google Now launcher, but you can customize it as Google’s Pixel smartphone. You can also check our list of 15+ Best Nova Launcher Themes & Setups.

Download  – Nova Launcher (Free)

9. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action Launcher is yet another famous launcher. In 2017, the company has updated the launcher to Pixel Edition, It brings a similar layout to Google Pixel. The Action Launcher is a free launcher, but most useful features are available only for Plus users. It also has digital wellbeing widget for older Android phones, Android 10 gestures compatibility, Dark Theme, smart size icons option, covers, and other basic features.

Download – Action Launcher (Free)

10. Rootless Launcher

As we know, the official Pixel launcher is available only for Android 10. But you can download rootless Pixel Launcher, which knocks up the Pixel 4 home screen layout. The Rootless Pixel Launcher is a simple, elegant, smooth, and minimal Pixel Launcher alternative, but there are only a few options available to customize the home screen. You can add Google Feeds by simply installing a plugin. Also, check our guide on Pixel Launcher APK.

Download  – Rootless Pixel Launcher (Free)

11. Lean Launcher

Lean Launcher is a basic Pixel Launcher alternative, which brings minor add-ons to the customization section. Start with Look & Feel then, there are only a few options available in changing Icon size, Grid rows/columns, and other options. You can customize the search bar available on the home screen. While features like using the transparent navigation bar, home screen rotation, physical animations, and lock desktop are available in Lean Launcher. It’s a moded version of Rootless Pixel Launcher, if it’s a perfect suite for you, then you can download it from Play Store.

Download – Lean Launcher (Free)

12. Flick Launcher

Now we all know that the Pixel Launcher is simply the best a sits the stock launcher for all stock Android devices. Well, if you want a Pixel Launcher alternative, then Flick Launcher is what you need With Flick Launcher you get a similar home screen and app drawer style to the Pixel Launcher. You can, however, customize the various elements of the launcher such as color, icon size and shape, transparency, and the rest. You can change the animated effects as well as add integrations such as the Google Feed and Flick A Glance.

pixel launcher alternative

Download – Flick Launcher (Free)

13. Wee Launcher

Well, if you wanted a lightweight no-frills launcher that looks like the Pixel Launcher, Wee Launcher fulfills your needs. It’s a super light launcher that weighs just 2.6 MB and has zero customization options. You can only change the background of the app drawer from light to dark as well as adjust the grid size. Apart from that, there is nothing more. Since it’s a lightweight launcher, it has a snappy performance and will also not consume your battery, The best part? It’s free with no ads or in-app purchases.

pixel launcher alternative

Download – Wee Launcher (Free)

14. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher has been around for quite a long time. It has been around since the early days of Android 5.0 Not to be confused with Apex Launcher Classic, the newer one incorporates the Pixel Launcher-styled home screen. Well, the launcher has all the basic things you would want to see on your home screen, but that’s only the start. Apex Launcher is known to have a ton of customization options like themes and custom notification dots and even their own weather widget.

pixel launcher alternative

Download – Apex Launcher (Free)

15. AOSP ROM Launcher

AOSP ROM Launcher is a simple and very basic launcher for those who do not want any sort of customization options. You know, just install a clean launcher and forget about its types. Well, it has a very basic home screen and app drawer. The only drawback is that it only got the regular light mode. The dark mode on this launcher is non-existent. The launcher is super lightweight and contains no ads and in-app purchases.

pixel launcher alternative

Download – AOSP ROM Launcher (Free)

These are some best pixel launcher alternatives 2024 that you can use if you want to customize your smartphone’s home screen. Make sure to leave a comment, if we forgot to mention your favorite Pixel Launcher alternative.

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