15 Best Google Doodle Games to Play in 2024

One of the most popular search engines in the world is Google Search. If you do use Google Search as the main search engine for your web browser no matter what the device, you might have noticed that there is always some interesting artwork with the Google logo whenever there is a function, an important event going on, or from history or just to celebrate different festivals.

But, are there small mini-games that you can play with a select number of Google Doodles? Yes, you said that right. Whenever there is either a national or international sporting event you can play small games. While you can easily play such games whenever you see them show up on the Google Search page with a big play button, did you know that you can always play these games whenever you want? And yes, these games are here to stay and do not disappear when an event is over.

So, if such mini and fun online browser-based games from Google have sparked your interest, you have come to the right place to discover such games. Let’s check them out.

Best Playable Google Doodles For You To Play In 2024

There are a large number of playable doodles that Google has provided for free to play and enjoy. However, one should not be confused between the games you can play when searching for something with these Doodle Google games.

2017 ICC Champions Trophy Cricket

Want to play a fun little cricket match in your web browser? This Google Doodle lets you just do that. Introduced during the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, you play as a little creature at the crease ready to make some big runs. Do give this doodle game a try if you want to pass your time hitting the ball.

Play It Now:  Doodle Cricket

2019 Fourth of July Baseball

For the 4th of July celebration, Google decided to release a playable doodle for the celebration. This baseball game is simple yet fun. For starters, the sound effects are on point to what you would expect from a Google Doodle and second of all, the characters. are popular food items that people love. The game is simple to play. All you need to do is hit. It has the basic baseball gameplay and yes, three strikes and you are out.

Play It Now:  Doodle Baseball

2010 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man

Pac-Man is one of the most popular arcade games from the 80s. This was a game that many adults today have grown up playing during their younger years. So, if you want to experience old-school arcade games on your web browser, YOu can control the character using the arrow keys. The sound effects used in the game are pure nostalgia.

Play It Now: Pac-Man

2017 44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip Hop

Here is a great doodle that celebrates the 44th birth anniversary of hip-hop. This doodle gives you a small talk about the origins of hip-hop. Once you are done with the talk, you get to be your DJ. Equipped with 2 turntables, you can choose from several tracks that you can get. There are 10 goals for you to achieve, so go ahead and spin a few tracks on the Birth of Hip Hop Anniversary doodle.

Play It Now: Birth of Hip-Hop

2012  London Basketball

To celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics that was held in London, Google decided to create a fun playable basketball doodle. With this doodle, you are asked to shoot some hoops and score points. You have 24 seconds to score as many hoops as you can. The space bar is used to control the intensity of the throw.

Play It Now: London Basketball

2013 Dr Who’s 50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 years of the Dr Who television show, Google took it to bring out an interesting doodle to commemorate the event. Mixed with science fiction, technology, and fun, this is a fun interactive game where you play the role of Dr Who who is tasked to retrieve the Google letters from the Daleks.

Play It Now: Dr Who’s 50th Anniversary Puzzle

2016: Garden Gnomes

If you are a fan of history and have read through German history, you might have come across the gnomes in the gardens across Germany. What Google has done is implement these Gnomes into its Google Doodle element. You are tasked to plan these gnomes in the garden using a catapult. You are to plant these gnomes at a designated distance. There are 6 gnomes to choose from.

Play It Now: Garden Gnomes

2012 Slalom Canoe

For the 2012 London Olympics, Google released a new playable doodle. This doodle lets you control a canoe through a narrow river using the left and right arrow keys of your keyboard. There are a few large and small stones in the river that you will have to dodge though. Since this is a race, you have to pass through the checkpoints as quickly as possible.

Play It Now: Slalom Canoe

2019 Celebrating Loteria

Loteria! Is a traditional card game from Mexico. This is a fun and interesting card game where you are asked to place a little bean on the card when your card matches the one that is being dealt with by the dealer. While it might sound simple, the game aims to match the row pattern as shown in the game. The first person to complete the pattern is the winner. Just to let you know, the game lets you play either with your friends or with other people online. This Loteria card game is about 110+ years old.

Play It Now: Loteria Card Game

2022 Gerald Lawson’s 82nd Birthday

A very notable American engineer considered to be the father of modern gaming now has a Google Doodle in his remembrance. Jerry Lawson is the reason why the early game consoles came with interchangeable game cartridges. This Doodle game follows the pixel art style sprite that was common back in the early days. With this specific Google Doodle, you get to learn about Gerald and you will also learn to build a small game level.

Play It Now: Gerald Lawson Doodle

2017 Celebrating 50 Years Of Kids Coding

Google has always been at the forefront when it comes to kids’ education and is no stranger to celebrating anniversaries. In 2017, kids programming languages turned 50 years old, so to celebrate the moment, Google released a special coding game that would be perfect for kids to try out. The game has a little furry character that you need to guide so that it consumes the carrots.

Play It Now: 50 Years of Kids Coding

2022 Halloween

If you love multiplayer games, this 2022 Halloween Google Doodle is the game you need to be playing. This is the sequel to the Great Ghoul Duel Doodle that was released back in 2016. Your goal is to collect away the wandering spirits and get the most number of them before the opposite team takes away the spirits. The game is fun and playable using the arrow keys of your keyboard.

Play It Now: 2022 Halloween Doodle Game

2022 Celebrating Pétanque

Want to relive the olden days of door games? Well,l Petanque is a French outdoor game where you are supposed to roll metal boules towards the target that has been placed on the ground. The metal boules that are closer to the object score more points while the pens that are far away score either little to no points. This was originated in 1907 by the ancient Greeks and is still being played to date. The Doodle version of the game lets you use your mouse to control the direction and intensity of the throw.

Play It Now: Celebrating Pétanque

2016 Clara Rockmore’s 105th Birthday

Clara Rockmore is one of the most notable players of the theremin. Being involved with the creation of this instrument, Clara Rockmore ensured that the instrument was more responsive and was able to offer greater than 5 notes. With this particular Google Doodle, you will learn to play the instrument by following a tutorial. Once the tutorial is completed, you can easily play around and experiment with the theremin.

Play It Now:  Clara Rockmore’s Theremin

2016 Wilbur Scoville’s 151st Birthday

Does the word Scoville ring a bell? If so, well you might know it as the term used to describe how spicy or the heat intensity of the peppers. Celebrating the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville Google has created this fighting game doodle where you are to toss the ice cream at the peppers. You have to be quick as the timer on the meter moves back and forth very quickly.

Play it Now: Scoville Fight

Closing Thoughts

This concludes the list of the most interesting Google Doodle games that you can play. All these Doodle games can be played easily on any browser. These Google Doodles are a fun way for Google to not only let people know about a particular moment or event but also help bring in more people to use their search engine and more often, the Google Chrome web browser.

Do let us know which of the Google Doodle games have been your favorite in the comments section below.

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