7 Best DS Emulators for Android to Enjoy NDS Gaming

Want to play Nintendo DS Emulator Games on Android? Today, I’m going to show you the 7 Best DS Emulators for Android. A lot of mind-blowing games are available on this console, you can enjoy after reading this article till the end. Well, there are many games available online as well as offline for NDS.

Best DS Emulators

After trying these emulators, I was continuously playing the games for 6 hours and my experience is awesome.

We all know, Nintendo DS Emulator is the most popular handheld console when it was launched in 2004 till now. As we know NDS console comes with a dual display, luckily some of the Android Emulators also support this feature. If you are acquainted that, these are very old games as compared to today’s standard, then I’ll let you know, some of them are excited and amazing. Playing Games on one of these emulators are hefty if you are running it on very low-end devices like with only 256MB RAM. I know, you’re very excited to explore about 7 Best DS Emulators which supports on Android.

7 Best DS Emulators for Android

1. DraSticBest DS Emulators

DraStic, one of the advanced and useful Nintendo DS emulator, that’s why it pushes me to place in the 1st place. The emulator which provides the amazing experience in 3D graphics with original resolution depends on the game. It will store the game data on the Google Drive and sync your gameplay, which helps you to continue the last played version of the game. The thing is wasn’t like about DraStic is, you can’t download it for free, but you can test out in the refund period.

[appbox googleplay com.dsemu.drastic]

2. MegaNDS

Feature pack DS emulator of 2018, it loads the game ROM within a couple of seconds, which saves so much time. One of my favorite thing in games are, Cheats! MegaNDS also supports to apply cheats during the gameplay. Great graphics provides you awesome experience during playing. During testing, I saw, for most of the games, controls are placed very nicely.

[appbox googleplay com.cygemu.megands]

3. EmuBoxBest DS Emulators

EmuBox is very similar to the ClassicBoy because it also features Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advanced Emulator, SNES, PSX, and many more. You can save your recent played game into your device so you can save your time for next session. Luckily, This emulator is available for free on the google play store with some ads. Although, all games are supported by all the emulators in 2018. This is one of the best ds emulators for Android.

[appbox googleplay com.emulator.box.aio]

4. Dolphin EmulatorBest DS Emulators

Dolphin emulator runs with the support of dolphin browser. The only emulator which may not comes with pre-installed games but you need your own games which can be played on the emulator itself. It is one of my favorite emulators, because of the handy controls and smooth running. You can also enjoy GameCube & Wii emulator games on it. It played Games like Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, Zelda, etc runs easily on your Android mobile, during our testing. One other favorite thing is its free on the play store.

[appbox googleplay org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu]

5. NDS EmulatorBest DS Emulators

NDS Emulator arrives on the Play Store on December 2016, within weeks it gains so many downloads very early after release. Talking about its features, NDS supports (.NDS & .ZIP) files. I like the controls, these are very tactile which feels good. Like others, this emulator also provides a feature to save or load the game, game screen and controls are also easily editable. Besides, all these things, one major thing is, with all these features, this one is available at no cost on play store.

[appbox googleplay com.cpu.free.dsemulatorv6]

6. nds4droid

The open source Nintendo DS emulator game console available for Android is nds4droid. This alternative is not too cool but runs fluently on any phone. Talking about controls, it looks very simple which sometimes helps you to play tough & hard games. During our testing, the performance on gameplay is good, and on high-end devices, it gives a flawless performance.

[appbox googleplay com.opendoorstudios.ds4droid]

7. ClassicBoyBest DS Emulators

ClassicBoy is another good option to play a numerous number of exciting games on Android, one of the main reason behind this is, It provides access to GBA Emulator, PlayStation, N64, Game Boy Classic, Nintendo DS and more. Also, ClassicBoy is one of the vigorous DS emulators for Android. One of the impressive things is its controls which also comes with gestures support. So, you can easily control your player in the game you’re playing.

[appbox googleplay com.portableandroid.classicboyLite]

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Bottom Line

There’s no need to purchase an NDS Emulator anymore, but all the games are now playable on Android itself with customizable controls. So, Install one of your favorite & Best DS Emulator on Android and start playing the games on it.

Which one of these emulators is suitable for your let me know in the comment section? Also, Which game would you like to play on DS Emulator more?

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