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10 iPhone X Gestures You Need to Know

iPhone X is the most awaited and highly anticipated Smartphone from Apple. As we all know that it does not have a Home Button. So Apple introduces some new gestures along with old gestures to use iPhone X without Home Button. Gestures are useful for tasks like activating Siri, Screenshots, Multitasking, reachability and more. To control iPhone X easily, we need to learn Gestures which are the new controls for iPhone X. It is easy to learn the use of Gestures, just go through the instructions. Here you will know 10 common iPhone X Gestures that we use daily.

You can easily adapt all the gestures within few attempts. If you don’t want to use iPhone X Gestures then you can use Virtual Home Button. Here is the Guide to get Virtual Home button on your iPhone X.

10 Common iPhone X Gestures

1. Home Screen

In other iPhones, we can easily go to Home Screen by just one Tap on Home Button. But in the case of iPhone X, we have to use Gesture to directly jump to Home Screen. You need to Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

2. Multitask Window

To switch between Apps there are more than one gestures that you can use. There is not much difference in both gestures. First one is to Swipe Up from the bottom and hold until the Multitask Window appears. Second is Swipe Up from the bottom and then swipe to the Right of the screen. You can use any of them that is easy for you.

3. Quick Switch App

We can quickly switch App by using the Gestures which does not require to go through Multitask Window. So to Quick Switch App you can just Swipe the Bottom Bar to the left or Right. Another way to Quick Switch App is Swipe Up a little and swipe it over.

4. Closing or Removing App

In other iPhones, we can Remove or Quit Applications from multitasking by just swiping up. But this is not the case with the iPhone X. To do so first of all open Multitask window as you learn during switching between Apps. Then Hold page or card for the small duration of time until the minus signs come up. Now you can swipe up the pages or tap on the minus sign that appears on the top left of every Page.

5. Reachability

As the iPhone X comes with 5.8-inch Display, you need to use your hand up to the top. But if you want to use it by just thumb within the Half Screen then you can open the Reachability Function. To activate it you need to Swipe Down from the bar (located at the bottom of the screen). It works with iOS 11.1 so you have to update your phone to use this feature.

6. Siri

To access Siri, you can just say Hey Siri. Or you can Press & Hold the Side button until Siri Activates.

7. Tap to Wake Up

Tap to Wake up feature come with most of the new Smartphones. You can Double Tap on the Lock Screen to wake up the iPhone X. And also you can use one Tap to Wake Up the iPhone X from Lock Screen. This is new for Smartphones.

8. Screenshot

The screenshot is the necessary thing that we always take to capture the screen that we want. In all other iPhones, we can take a screenshot by pressing Home Button + Power Button. But in iPhone X there is no Home Button so, to take screenshots we need to press Power Button + Vol. Up Button. 

9. Apple Pay

You can easily access Apple Pay with the Shortcut. But first Setup the Apple Pay if you didn’t during First-time Setup. Open Setting > Wallet and Apple Pay > Add Credit /Debit Card > Fill the Information. Now to Open Apple Pay Just tap side button (power button) two times. Now you can Pay anywhere using Apple Pay with FaceID

10. Control Center & Notification Center

Control Center lets you to control various functions of iPhone easily like Flash, Volume, Bluetooth, WiFi and more. So to Access Control Center, Swipe Down from the Top Right. Similarly to Access Notification Center, you need to Swipe Down from Top Left or from below Notch.

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