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Best Features of Android Oreo Go Edition

Earlier this year in Google I/O, Google has introduced its Android Go project, and now Google has brought some changes and updates to it. Google has updated its all these projects via his live event held in New Delhi which is basically for India. This “Google For India” Event is the Third Edition of “Google For India”. So, the expectations are very high from all of us for the announcements from the Google. In this event, Google has announced some major announcements for India, like Android Oreo Go, Google Go (Lite Search App), and more. In this post, I will tell you the Best Features of Android Oreo Go Edition.

Major Announcements from Google in Google For India:

  1. Android Oreo Go (Edition)
  2. Google Go (Lite Search App)
  3. Google Assistant for Jio Phone
  4. Files Go
  5. Google Tez Gets a Major Update
  6. Google Maps (Two-Wheeler Mode)
  7. Google Station (Free Public WiFi on Railway Stations)

What is Android Oreo Go Edition?

Android Oreo Go will help to improve the user experience on low-end budget smartphones. While the Android Oreo Go (Edition) has Files Go like apps which ensures that all the apps are small in size and runs very faster on phones like 512MB or 1GB RAM. The basic idea behind the launch of Android Oreo Go (Edition) is to run the Android Oreo or the latest version of Android on budget smartphones. So, the Android Oreo Go Edition runs on smartphones like 512MB or 1GB RAM. While Google has not announced any particular brand or phone, but it will be available from 6th December 2017. Android Go Edition release with Android Oreo 8.1 update.

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Best Features of Android Oreo Go Edition

Small Apps for Android Oreo Go Edition Users:Best Features of Android Oreo Go Edition

As we All know that some apps like, Google Chrome takes too much storage for only browsing purposes. Not only Google Chrome but most apps in the OS like Android Nougat and Oreo takes too much storage as compared to the old Android versions. So, to solve this problem the Android Oreo Go Edition comes for smartphones like 512MB or 1GB RAM with storage of 4GB or 8GB, which is very less to run these large size apps. All Google Apps like Google Chrome, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, Gboard, and Google Assistant has redesigned for Android Oreo Go Edition. All these apps come with 50% smaller apps size, which runs smoother and faster.

Space is Not a Big Issue in Android Oreo Go:Best Features of Android Oreo Go Edition

Android Oreo Go is lighter than Android Oreo and Nougat, it takes 2X less space than Android Nougat. This means that you can now use 2X storage on your phone without deleting anything from it. It can easily run on smartphones which come with the storage capacity of 4GB or 8GB.

PlayStore Go:Top 5 Features of Google Go

Google has launched a Play Store Go Edition for Android Oreo Go. With the help of Play Store Go, you can easily download the Google Apps like Chrome, Maps, YouTube, and more, which is smaller in size. Google also working with some developers to overcome the issue of the size of the apps and make it small.

Files Go:

Earlier Google has launched File Management App called Files Go only for Beta Users. But Now it is available for all the users. Files Go Beta is the File Manager App from Google. Files Go is a smart File Manager that will recommend files and Apps to clean up on your Device to free up Space. So it helps you out if the storage is running out of space on your Device. In Files Go Beta you can also Transfer or Receive Files from other Files Go Beta user. So from now on, you can do the work of two Apps in just one App. The Interface is well designed, and I liked it.

Data Saver:

The latest Android Oreo Go (Edition) has integrated data saver for saving the data capacity on smartphones. In Google For India, Google address that the Internet usage in India is increasing day by day, till now it is recorded as 4GB per month for each user and it will be scored up to 11GB per month in coming years. So, the Data Saver is one of the important features for saving the data.

So, all these are the Best Features of Android Oreo Go Edition, If you like these feature let us know in the comment section below. Also, for receiving our daily newsletter emails, Enter your email in the bottom bar.

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