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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Cheats, Tips & Hints

The journey from level zero to the Big FarmVille is quite interesting & amazing, but it takes a harsh long time for it. There are a lot of Cheats, tweaks, & tips available which are still working on FarmVille 2: Country Escape. These will help you to grow your base much faster.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape is a very realistic farming game and the concept of the game is very addictive. Well, the Game gained most of the popularity from Facebook, It was initially released in 2009. In the beginning, it will be quite easy but when you start playing and leveling up you need resources, to fulfill the demands in growing the crops. So, You may need to cheat a little bit for fulfilling all demands. Well, I am playing the Game from last 3 months & found 10 FarmVille 2 Country Escape Cheats & Tips.

Are you excited to explore the amazing cheats and tweaks, which will save your time and effort in the game? So, the wait is over read all the 10 tips carefully.

1. Visit Friend’s Farm to Earn Extra XPs & CoinsFarmville 2 country escape cheats

The simplest thing in the game, but only 2 players out of 10 know about this simple tweak. There’s no need to attach your Facebook account if you are playing on the Android phone. It automatically sign-in with your Google Play account so, visit friends farm and start collecting coins and XPs. But, you can use only 5 Friend Fertilizers in one day. For this, Visit your friend’s farm daily and grab all the needed points. If you have no friends still you can earn the points by visiting others farm.

2. Upgrade the Barn with Keys OnlyFarmville 2 country escape cheats

Upgrading the barn is as difficult as collecting the keys in the Game. Keys are the most difficult thing to collect in FarmVille, so using the keys at the right time is important. The capacity of the barn is not enough large to collect this much amount of crops. So, make sure to use the Keys to upgrade the keys. This will help you in storing the large number of fruits, and vegetables in your store. Using this Farmville 2 country escape cheats and hint you can easily grow your barn or base.

3. Watch Ads on Prize Projector & Win PrizesFarmville 2 country escape cheats

Prize Projector, the new thing available in the game. This new thing will help you to win seeds, coins, keys, and XPs. There are total 7 ads available for watch and win, the last Ad will give you a bonus prize where you get 3 different prizes. You can watch it daily and grab all the prizes. All the ads are skippable, there’s no need to install anything or survey. So, make sure to check the prize projector on daily basis.

4. Golden Gloves are Very HelpfulFarmville 2 country escape cheats

The crops are taking too much time to grow or completing the task. Golden Gloves are the interesting fact, you will get gloves from the prize wheel. Tough, You’re excited to complete your tasks with a single click. But wait, This will reduce the growing time by 10 minutes, which are very helpful in saving time. You can earn the Golden Gloves daily from the Prize wheel.

5. Connect Facebook Account & Get 25 Keys [Free]Farmville 2 country escape cheats

As I said earlier, Keys are the toughest thing to earn in the game. FarmVille & Zynga also knows, and gives 25 free keys to us, if we connect our Facebook account with the game. This is one of the easiest ways to collect 25 free keys. So, what are you waiting for, connect your Facebook account today. You can use these keys on whatever task you want, but one of the best way to use it on the barn.

6. Daily Bonus RewardsFarmville 2 country escape cheats

One of the new thing available in the FarmVille 2: Country Escape is Daily Bonus Rewards. This rewards package will provide the coins, golden gloves, keys, and seeds. You can explore the reward box in 7 hours, so this one of the best way to collect coins, and all. There are total 5 boxes and in the last, you will get the huge box. You can get the prizes higher and higher as you open the reward boxes continuously. This Farmville 2 country escape cheat will help you a lot if you play it daily at least once.

7. Collect Daily SpinFarmville 2 country escape cheats

Daily Spin helps you to win a different type of things like fruits, vegetables, keys, coins, locks, treasures, etc. But, you need to take care of a thing. You must open the Daily Spin, as the name suggests Daily Spin. So, If you’re exploring the spinner daily, this will make you more high-value prizes. One of the best FarmVille 2 country escape tips and hints for free rewards.

8. Sell & Buy the Crops at the Farm StandFarmville 2 country escape cheats

One another useful thing in the game is the Farm Stand where you can sell or buy different crops. You can also set the price of the crop, so it is very beneficial in increasing the price and sell the crops. If you need any crop immediately to do any task then, you can purchase the crops at the Farm Stand. FarmVille 2 country escape Advance Tip: Don’t sell a crop which helps you in completing a task.

9. Time is the Key to Do the Tasks FasterFarmville 2 country escape cheats

Well, this tweak is one of my favorite hack in the Game. This cheat will help me to do any task in just a couple of seconds. Do you know the Game’s infrastructure is running on the phone’s clock?

So, if you are changing the time on your phone you can do any task in seconds. Suppose Grandma’s Glade will take 15 minutes to complete the task then, you need to change the time from system clock to 15 minutes later. Then, the task completes quickly. Pro Tip: But, there’s a problem if your phone has changed the time automatically, then the task will take a higher time to complete it.

10. You can Spend Real MoneyFarmville 2 country escape cheats

Real money is also a way, by which you can do a lot of tasks. But only a few users can spend the real money in the game. If you are thinking to do so, you must check out the offers, where you will see the offers on Keys are amazing. So, You can purchase the Keys package, this will help you in growing the farm.


If you are playing the game for a long time, then you already know one of these Farmville 2 country escape cheats and tips. The FarmVille 2: Country Escape cheats list is not this much small, there are some more tweaks available like you can also use Twitter to win prizes, Speed Seeds, GrandMa’s Glade, and other tasks. If you have any doubts about these tips let me know in the comment section. Also, If your friends are also playing FarmVille 2, share these tweaks with them.

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