[Update: Available for iOS Devices] Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date, Gameplay, Features, and More

Battle Royale games are a fun way to play with friends and are also a chance to be as competitive as you can. There are quite a large number of Battle Royale games like Fortnite, Garena: Free Fire, PUBG, etc. PUBG is undoubtedly the most popular game for Mobile. For some reason, the game got banned last year in India. But now it’s coming back with a new title ‘Backgrounds Mobile India‘ and with a new publisher as well. Here you will know Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date, Gameplay, Features, and news.

Note: Check update at the last of this story. Latest update 2nd July.

In India, a different situation took place last year for the PUBG game. PUBG along with 100 other apps from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store were banned due to national security concerns. The ban of the game took everyone by storm. Gamers, Streamers, and the public were in a mixed pool of emotions. Looking at how the younger generation was addicted to the game and spending ludicrous amounts of money on it, parents were the only ones that welcomed the ban.

Now that it’s been around 8 to 9 months that the ban has been in place there have been many speculations about the game making a comeback to India. With Krafton handling the majority of the game, people were eager for good news in November of 2020, but that, unfortunately, did not happen. Fast-forwarding to May 2021, there seems to be a ray of hope for the game making a comeback to India. Let’s take a look at what’s expected to be in for India.

Same Game New Title – Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG returns to India with a new name ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’. It’s the same game as the original PUBG, but with more of Indian touch to it. And since Krafton is now the main developer of the game, the servers and data will be in India itself. Krafton revealed on the 7th of May that the new game will come soon to India. You can take a look at their freshly created YouTube channel.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date

With the PUBG making a new return to India, fans have been losing patience over the release date of the game. So far there hasn’t been any official release date and nor has there been any pre-registration for the game. In fact, there’s no listing in Play Store and the App Store yet. However, the only hint that we have about the game release is that of a helmet and the solar eclipse that hides behind the helmet. So, by taking hints from the coming soon poster, it looks like the Battlegrounds Mobile India will release on the 10th of June 2021, which is almost a month away from now. However, there is also a Lunar Eclipse on the 26th of May, which is making fans debate between the May 26 and June 10 release dates.

Battlegrounds Mobile India_02

Battlegrounds Mobile India Gameplay & Features

So far there hasn’t been any official teaser or trailer if the game would have some visually different things as compared to the original PUBG Mobile game (or Battlegrounds Mobile India). You know it’s going to be the same and it isn’t rocket science to know if it will ever be different. However, there are some new restrictions and policies that have been put in place. Let’s take a look at it.

Parental consent

Players below 18 years of age will now have to register their parents’ numbers while creating an account. This is being done to reduce the amount of time that these minors spend playing the game. So far nothing is known what will happen if someone else’s number will be used.

Limited gameplay hours

Yes! this has finally been considered and is absolutely good news for those parents who have been fed up with their kids playing on and on for hours. So now, minors will be able to play for a maximum of 3 hours a day and not more. 

Limiting in game purchases to a maximum of $100 (₹7000)

The purchases that you make in the in-game store are just for visuals only. There aren’t any performance enhancement items that will make your gameplay better. Of course, people like to make their characters stand out from the crowd, but spending way too much on such items also isn’t logical from a normal standpoint. Thus, the max you can spend is around $100 or ₹7000.

Character Dresses

Remember when you first started playing PUBG and your character literally had no clothes on and you’d have to run around looking for clothes to wear them? Well now with the India-only version you will be having some sort of clothes already at the beginning of the game. This step has been taken to follow around with Indian cultures.

Battlegrounds Mobile India_01

Matching with players only from India

This is something that will be talked about a lot. You’ll be playing around with fellow Indians only. The obvious reason is that it’s an India-only game and secondly, it’s also done to curb out the toxicity that a few players show. So far, it’s not known if players from other countries will be able to download and play the India-only game. This is like how the Korean version of PUBG was being used to play when the original PUBG game was banned. We’ll have to wait and see if there are workarounds available for it or no.

It seems that the Battlegrounds Mobile India will have the Sanhok map from PUBG Mobile. And if Sanhok is there, then Erangel will also be there as it is everyone’s favorite.

Update May 12th: New Map for Battlegrounds Mobile India teased

The official Facebook page for Battlegrounds Mobile India teased the Sanhok map from the original PUBG game and the words coming soon. Looks like the June 10th release date is something we should all be looking forward to. Since there’s no mention of the word Sanhok in the post, it could be possible that the maps in-game would be getting new names. Well, only time will tell about what’s in store for fans of the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India_03

Update May 14th: Pre Registration date Revealed

Finally some good news from Krafton about the game. Since the coming soon teaser for the game had been revealed, players were eager to know about the game’s pre-registration date and the game’s release date. The Pre Registration date for the game is set to begin on the 18th of May 2021 and will be live on the Google Play Store. There are pre-registration rewards and these will be specific only for the Indian players. These rewards can be claimed easily within the game itself.

Update May 18th: Pre Registration Goes Live

The wait is finally over. You can now head over to the PlayStore and Pre Register for the game. Pre-registering the game will give you a few rewards that you can claim as soon as the game goes live for download. Here you can check everything about the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration Process.

how to pre register battlegrounds mobile india

Update May 24th: Erangle Map For Battlegrounds Mobile India Teased

With Battlegrounds Mobile India gearing up for launch, yet again another teaser for the maps in the game has been revealed. The poster reveals that the map from the original PUBG game Erangel will be available in the new game. However, if you look closely enough, the map’s name has been named Erangle, which could be done on purpose or may be done just to differentiate the India exclusive game from the original game.

Erangle Map teased for battlegrounds Mobile India

Update May 26th: Game Likely To Launch In Third Week Of June

Esports athlete Abhijeet Andhare who goes by the name of @GHATAK_official on Twitter has just revealed in a tweet about the expected launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India. After being asked by fans about the game’s expected release date, he first tweeted out about revealing it when the tweet would cross above 20K likes. With that goal being achieved, his next tweet stated that the would release by the third week of June.

Update June 17th: Battlegrounds Mobile India Begins Early Access

Early Access for the game has just gone live. You can join the early access by clicking here. However, the list is currently full for the time being thanks to the massive response by fans who have been waiting for the game for quite a long time. However, with that being said, here are a few things that we know about the game so far.

  • The game’s size is 721 MB.
  • Blood is now green instead of the previous red color.
  • The game’s menu and the interface are similar to that of the Korean and Global versions of the game.
  • No OTP verification required (as of now)
  • Plentiful warnings about safe gaming
  • Ability to restore your previous PUBG account provided that you have linked it with Twitter or Facebook in the first place.

With the early access going live now, we can only expect the game to head for a full release in a month or two.

Update July 2nd: Battlegrounds India Mobile Officially Launched for Everyone

After being in early access for quite some time, Battlegrounds Mobile India has now officially been launched. Anyone and everyone can now download the game right away from the Google PlayStore. For those who had installed the game since the beginning of its early access, an update is now available weighing in at 137 MB and an additional download of around 12 MB resource pack while you launch the game.

download battlegrounds mobile india playstore

Update August 18th: Battlegrounds India Mobile Officially Launched on iOS Devices

The wait for BGMI fans who own iOS devices is finally over. Krafton has finally launched the game for iOS devices starting today, 18th August. The game is a stable version that is now available for download on the App Store. The app weighs in at 1.9 GB and is a free download. To download the game on your iPhone or iPod Touch your device will have to be running at least iOS 11.0 or greater. The same goes for iPads running iOS 11.0 or newer.


Well, so far, it’s good news that the PUBG (as Battlegrounds Mobile India) is making a comeback to India, the place with the highest ever player base for the game. Well yes, you’ll have the usual Battle pass, weekly and monthly rewards, and other tournaments. Though we’ve yet to see whether this particular version of PUBG will make it to eSports or not. To be fair I’m excited as well to try the new game out and see how it goes around. Till then we’ll have to wait for more announcements about the release and when the game will be available for pre-registration as well.

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