How to Engrave your Apple Products [Definitive Guide]

Apple devices are all unique in their own ways. Be it iPad, AirPods, or even the new AirTags. While these devices are expensive, they hold a certain value and last for quite a long time. There are many ways to personalize your devices. You could slap on a new skin, get some screen and body protection, or maybe just bumper cases as well. These protection cases vary in price it can be quite cheap to almost crazily priced expensive ones.

If you think about it, Apple seems to be the only brand that allows its customers to engrave their devices for free. In this article, I will tell you how to engrave your Apple Products.

The best and probably the easiest free way to customize your Apple products is by taking advantage of the free engraving option while purchasing any Apple product on the Apple website itself. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of engraving a device.


  • Personalization: the only reason why you want to make your device look an edge better than other devices and it can be done for free as well.
  • Avoiding confusions: if you’ve got a group of friends who own the same devices as you, the services do land in a mix up at times. having a small mark of identification helps to avoid the mix-up.


  • Slower device delivery: Since your device will be getting engraved, you can expect your device to ship a few days late as compared to its original shipping date.
  • Resale value: well any device for that matter has any kind of marks or scuffs loses its value. The same can be said about engraved devices. Nobody would want to buy a device with identification marks of some else.

Engrave iPad, AirPods, AirTags from Apple’s Website

  • Visit the Apple website.
  • Look for the product you plan to purchase. Only iPods, iPads, AirTags, AirPods, and the Apple Pencil can be engraved.
  • After selecting the product’s color and storage option, you will see the free engraving option.
Engraving Apple Product_01
  • Select it and here you can add emojis, letters, and numbers. Do note that each device allows a limited number of characters.
Engraving Apple Product_02
  • Once done, simply add the product to the bag, fill in your details and make the payment. Your Apple device is now going to be engraved and will be shipped out in a few days or so.

You get to choose from 30 emojis, 50 numbers in black and 30 in white. The same can be said about the alphabets, 26 in black and 26 in white. Here is how many characters can be engraved onto each device.

  • iPod: you get to engrave up to 12 characters in two lines, thus have a total of 24 characters in all. If you type in letters without any space, you can fit around 27 characters.
  • Apple Pencil: up to 10 emojis will fit easily and 18 alphabets without space.
  • AirPods: up to 16 emojis without space and around 20 alphabets without space.
  • iPads: up to 15 emojis each in the first and second line and 32 alphabets without space on each line.


So should you really go ahead and take advantage of the free engraving options, if you plan to keep the device till it breaths its last then, yes you should, you can make your device feel more personal to you. But if you plan to sell or exchange your device within a year or two, then I’d suggest staying away from the engraving options.

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Also, do you think other brands should also offer free engraving options like how Apple does? Let us know in the comments. Also, share this article with your friends.

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