Windows 11 Moment 4 Update – Complete List of Features

Windows 11 newest monthly preview update has been released. This is not a regular monthly update as it brings some big new features including Windows Copilot. The new Windows 11 update is called Windows 11 Moment 4. This is a relatively big update that has a ton of features, including AI integration.

The new Windows 11 update has begun rolling out and it should be available to your PC soon. Now, let’s talk about all the interesting features that this big Windows 11 update brings to the table.

Windows 11 Moment 4 Features

The big Windows 11 update brings in tools such as Windows AI Copilot, advanced AI tools in MS Paint, and much more. Let’s take a look at all the new features rolling out to Windows 11 users.

Windows AI Copilot

Windows 11 Moment 4 Features

Ever since AI has become the norm, everything and everyone is looking to integrate AI into their daily lives. Microsoft has now ensured that you can also get a taste of AI thanks to its Windows AI Copilot. This is the AI assistant that can help you with various tasks whether you are using your PC for work, play, or everything else. You can ask the AI assistant to adjust different Windows 11 settings, search the internet, or even ask it to connect a new Bluetooth device to your Windows 11 PC.

You can launch the Windows AI Copilot by pressing the Windows and C keys or by simply clicking on the AI Copilot icon on your Taskbar.

MS Paint Now Has AI Integrations

Big Windows 11 22H2 Update with Copilot

MS Paint has been the most used app when it comes to simply drawing anything. Microsoft has now ensured that MS Paint is loaded with modern features and has now brought in AI features and tools to the app. From removing backgrounds, generating images with text prompts, or adding new layers to your generated images, you can do all of it now. Currently the Cocreator option that include generating images from texts will be available later.

The newly updated Paint app will be available for all users in the Windows Insider channels.

Enhanced AI tools on Clipchamp Video Editor

Windows 11 Moment 4 Features

In this day and age where short video content has become so popular, Microsoft has decided that you can now easily create and edit your videos with their Clipchamp video editing app. The app will now ask you what kind of video you plan to create or edit and other simple questions. Once you have answered all of those questions, the video editor will then provide you with suggestions and options that it deems suitable for the type of video you are creating.

Clipchamp can help you save your videos to OneDrive or Google Drive. If you want to share it on your social platforms, you have the option to share it directly on TikTok, Instagram, or even YouTube.

AI Integration With Snipping Tool

Big Windows 11 22H2 Update with Copilot

Snipping Tool is Microsoft’s answer to taking screenshots and screen recording in Windows 10 and Windows 11. With new update it got even better. In Snipping tool, you can also capture sound using audio and mic support. Not only this, Microsoft brings AI integration to Snipping Tools as well. The new Snipping Tool now lets you copy and paste text from the screenshots you have captured. Also, when and if you want to share a screenshot that has personal information on it, you can ask the tool to hide such sensitive information.

Edit Your Photos With AI In the Photos App

Windows 11 Moment 4 Features

Microsoft also rolling out the improved Photos App with latest update. Finding, sharing and editing photos in Microsoft Photos app is now even easier. In the Photos app, users can enjoy advanced edits like background blur which can enhance image resolution while giving stylish blur effect.

In the app if you can’t find the photo you are looking but you remember the photo scene, you can search by objects, locations or dates in the photo and the app will show relevant photos. Additionally, the Photos App now has a slideshow option that lets you create a slideshow of your favorite memories.

Backing Up Your Windows 11 PC Is More Easier

Windows 11 Moment 4 Features

Microsoft has finally improved the backup and restore process for Windows when you shift to a newer device. You can now choose what kind of data you want to backup and restore such as apps, settings, and credentials. You can easily restore all your data on your new PC and continue from where you left off. This helps in spending less time restoring and more time using the PC for the work that you want to do.

Navigate Using Voice Access

Microsoft is ensuring that users get the best and a seamless experience when using Windows 11. To make things even better, you can now control and navigate your way through Windows 11 using your voice. You can easily set up a good number of voice access commands that are saved to your Windows 11 PC. Windows 11 will be able to easily take down anything and everything you say depending on the app that you are using.

Narrator Gets Natural Languages

Windows has always had a Narrator feature that would read out things for you. Now, with a lot of improvements to the tool, the narrator will be able to speak in more naturally sounding voices in 9 new languages. The languages are as follows

  1. English India
  2. English UK
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Japanese
  6. Korean
  7. Mandarin Chinese
  8. Portuguese
  9. Spanish

Reduce Energy Usage

Windows 11 Moment 4 Features

To make your Windows PC use less energy when you are not around it or near it, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Presence Sensing. With this feature enabled, your Windows 11 PC will automatically sense and detect whether you are nearby or not. The different options available are Wake on Approach, Lock on Leave, and Adaptive Dimming. Do note that these features will work only if your Windows 11 PC has sensors built into them.

Business Users Can Use Windows Hello Without Passwords or PINs

Large organizations and businesses can now make use of the Windows Hello sign-in option across all devices without having to enter a PIN or password. Whether it is device unlocking or in-system authentication, While this is a good feature, this is not compulsory. All of this will need to be set up by your company’s IT manager who will take the final call on using Windows Hello or going old school with Pins and Passwords.

Config Refresh For IT Professionals

Config Refresh is a great tool for IT professionals in business and companies. Suppose someone in the team makes a change in the setting that might have caused some sort of a problem or issue with either their system or everyone else’s system. Config refresh reset settings in the PolicyCSP on Windows 11 every 90 minutes. Admin can also set this value to 30 minutes if required. It can be also paused when there is need for reconfiguration.

Secure Apps and Programs With Microsoft Intune

To protect your apps and programs from malware and numerous attacks that attackers keep pushing, Microsoft Intune will now ensure that all your apps are secured and protected from such attacks. Do note that if you plan to use this feature, you will have to purchase Microsoft Intune. This is a separate purchase.

Streamlined Boot For Microsoft 465 Cloud PC

Microsoft introduced the Windows Cloud PC alongside Windows 11. While we got to see a preview of the boot option early this year, the option to boot directly into your Microsoft Cloud PC is now live. You can also choose Mciroosft’s 365 Cloud PC to be the primary option to boot into on your main Windows 11 PC. This brings in more flexibility and better-managed solutions for those who work on Mciorosft’s Cloud PC.

Switch Smoothly Between Your PC and Your Cloud PC

You and your employees who use their main Windows 11 PC as well as their CLoud PC can now easily switch between both systems with ease. All it takes is a single swipe gesture or a mouse click to switch between both systems. With the cloud PC, Windows 365 ensures that there are strict data policy controls and secure access between both system environments.

Mobile Application Management For Windows 11

Managing highly sensitive information of a company on a personal or home system can be a bit risky. You can now use any system provided that the system has Microsoft Edge installed to access resources or information concerning the company. This helps to always get the work done at any time- whether you have access to your work PC or just any PC out there.

File Explorer and Start Menu Boosted With AI Integration

Windows 11 Moment 4 Features

The  File Explorer and the Start Menu in Windows 11 will now be getting an AI boost. What this means is you will now have suggestions and recommendations served to you by AI itself. This will be done mostly alongside Windows AI Copilot.

Instant Games On Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is filled with a ton of games. Now, you can easily preview and try these games out within the Microsoft Store itself without having to install the games on your device. A large number of casual games will be part of the Instant games feature on the Store.

Additional Features Available Now In Windows 11

  • Brand new Outlook App for Windows PC
  • New Settings home tab to help you manage your account, storage, and recommended settings
  • Auto Color Management for better gradients and better color accuracy.
  • Improved Volume Mixer and Sound Adjustments Per App
  • Dynamic Lighting For PCs with RGB Lights and Accessories
  • Dev Home for developers as a production companion
  • WinGet Configuration for quick machine setup
  • New experimental features for Windows Subsystem for Linux

Check For Updates Now

You can manually check for updates if your Windows 11 PC has not automatically detected them. Here are the steps to check for the brand-new update on your Windows 11 PC.

  • Click on the Windows logo icon on the Taskbar.
  • The Start menu should now open up on your screen.
  • Click on the Settings app icon.
  • Now, click on the Windows Update tap on the top right corner of the Settings app.
  • Click on the buttons that say Check for Updates.
  • Your Windows 11 PC will now search and download the new Windows 11 September update to your PC.

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