AI Enhanced Moving Wallpapers Rumored to be Coming to Windows 11

Microsoft seems to be betting big on AI tech and trends. We have seen a good number of AI features creep into Windows 11 such as the Windows AI Co-pilot, including the Windows AI Co-pilot and the Bing AI in Microsoft Edge through its chatbot.

Now, an interesting rumor is circulating, suggesting that Microsoft is considering the introduction of AI-driven wallpapers to its Windows 11 operating system.

Yes, you heard it right, AI-enhanced wallpapers could soon be making their way to the operating system. While the stock Windows 11 wallpapers are pretty cool to look at, having new AI-enhanced live wallpapers is definitely a great change welcome to the Windows 11 operating system.

So, what does this mean? Well, it simply means that any wallpaper that you set as your desktop background will now have a more depth-like effect. In fact, it is said that when you move your mouse cursor around the wallpaper will display effects that will make it feel like you are interacting with your wallpaper.

Could we expect more or new wallpapers to be released by Microsoft for its Windows 11 operating system? We can’t be sure. However, there definitely are a good number of wallpapers out there that could be used as your desktop background and make use of the AI depth effect on your desktop.

In fact, it could be possible that here at YTECHB we could share a good number of wallpapers that would go hand in hand with the AI-enhanced depth effect for your Windows 11 PC.

Stick around to YTECHB as we will bring you the news on whether the AI-enhanced wallpapers officially make it to your Windows 11 PCs or not.

Looking at how this AI is making things so much better, especially with Windows 11, it only goes on to see how much better the rumored Windows 12 operating system is going to be.

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Via: TechRadar

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