Warframe now optimized for Xbox series X|S; Call of the Tempestarii update now live

Xbox series X|S owners can finally rejoice! The popular free to play Action Shooter game Warframe is now optimized for the newer Xbox consoles. The game comes along with the new Call of the Tempestarii update. It means you can enjoy the latest Warframe on your Xbox Series X and Series S.

Warframe was released in 2013 and is being actively developed by Digital Extremes. The game was originally available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This multiplayer co-op consists of various elements such as shooting, melee, and role-playing games.

Players take control of Tenno, an ancient warrior race who find themselves at war in space amongst factions from other planets. There is also a multiplayer mode that lets you play with other players in groups of four with objectives to destroy enemies, farm resources, and even escort missions where you hijack an enemy transport, guard the vehicle against attacks, and escort it to the extraction point.

Now that the Warframe Call of the Tempestarii is finally available to play on the Xbox Series X|S so let’s see what’s in store for them.

Warframe on the Xbox Series X|S

The next-gen Xbox consoles can finally play Warframe for free without any optimization issues. This means better sounds, graphics, and performance! Since Xbox Live no longer exists you can play the multiplayer mode with Xbox friends for free!

Cross Generation GamePlay

Xbox One players will now be able to play with owners of the Xbox X|S series.

Cross Gen Save File Transfers

Xbox One users who have upgraded themselves to the never Xbox Series X|S can continue their left-over progress easily.

Resolution support

Given that the newer Xbox Series X has a faster SSD, you will be able to play Warframe at 4K 60 FPS. Meanwhile the older Xbox S will be able to play at 1080p 60 FPS.

Xbox One Achievement Transfers

You will be able to easily transfer your Xbox One achievements and progress over to the newer Xbox X|S.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members are entitled to claim the Warframe Tempestarii: Excalibur Jade Bundle at no extra cost. The bundle comes paired with skins, armor, and a seven-day affinity booster.

Warframe Call of the Tempestarii

This new Warframe Call of the Tempestarii patch brings new quests, a new Warframe, and an even better Railjack experience. Explore the expansive Corpus Proxima regions, push back their fleet in new Railjack Missions and investigate a ghost ship patrolling the periphery in a new Quest.

Warframe Call of the Tempestarii

Sevagoth – The new Warframe

The specter of death has arrived. Control the fight from a distance and unleash your Shadow form to gain access to a new set of destructive melee-focused abilities.

Warframe Call of the Tempestarii

Sevagoth Abilities

  • Reap – Sevagoth’s Shadow flies outward ravaging enemies in his path. Survivors are damaged by Death’s Harvest over time. The souls of the dead fill the Death Well.
  • Sow – Plant a death seed in nearby targets to drain their lifeforce. Reap what has been sown to detonate afflicted enemies, dealing a percentage of their health as radial damage. The souls of the dead fill the Death Well.
  • Gloom – Summon a radial pulse wave that ensnares and slows enemies, siphoning their lifeforce for the Death Well. Allies within the wave steal health with each attack.
  • Exalted Shadow – When the Death Well fills, Sevagoth’s Shadow form is ready to be released. Tear the enemy asunder with a collection of Melee-focused Abilities

The update is now live for all platforms. Head here to get Warframe for the Xbox Series X|S. For more information about the Call of the Tempestarii update check out the official Warframe blog post.

The Warframe update 30 can take time to go live for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. But it will be available soon. This is due to issues with the changes in the backend. This is not good news for PlayStation 5 users, but we have one more news from the Warframe update that you will don’t mind the delay. The load time on PS5 will be way faster (almost half).

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