How to Add Friends on Xbox in Windows 10

Online Multiplayer gaming is always enjoyable, especially if you’ve got friends who play the same game as you’ve got. Certain games require that you have someone on your team to complete a particular task or campaign. Sometimes you could be playing with your own friends and sometimes with total random strangers. If you want to play Xbox Games with your friends on Windows 10, then here you will know how to add friends on Xbox in Windows 10.

It’s true that some of the randoms that you play with are really good at the game and you might have even ended up adding them to your game’s friend list.

Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass for Windows 10 is a video game subscription from Microsoft that gives you access to a catalog of games that you can play for a monthly fee. The game pass service lets you add friends who play on Xbox as well as on a Windows 10 PC.

There will be a likelihood that you and a couple of your friends might want to use the Xbox Game Pass service as Xbox recently announced that they have added 100 more games to its catalog on PC.

Now that you and your friends have got the Xbox Game Pass for Windows 10, we will now show you how to add friends on Xbox in Windows 10 PC using Xbox Console Companion App.

Adding Xbox Friends via the Xbox Console Companion App

Xbox Console Companion App on the Microsoft Store

Make sure you’ve got yourself a Microsoft account as it helps to let you download the app from the Microsoft Store. If you don’t have an account you can always sign up for one.

  • Signing In

Sign in with the email address that you have used to create an Xbox account. You could also use the same Microsoft account if you’ve previously used it to sign in to Xbox services.

  • Adding your friends

Towards your right, you’ll see four tabs. Click on the first one that says Friends & Clubs. You’ll see a search bar that says Find Clubs or people. All you have to do is enter in your friend’s  Xbox gamer tag select the right gamer tag.

Searching your friends
  • Sending the request

Towards your left, you will see the player’s profile, and right below the player’s gamertag, you’ll see the Add friend button. Click on it. Once your friend has accepted the request you will now be able to see them in your friend list

Make sure you cross-check your friend’s gamertag with regards to capitalizations and spellings. If not, you might end up adding the wrong person that has a similar gamertag to that of your friend.

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And there you have it, in four simple steps you can now easily add your Xbox friends via the app on your Windows 10 PC.

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