By Ashutosh Singh

PlayStation 5 is the new console from Sony that let you play video games including latest high graphic games. It is uniqely built that looks attractive.

To access the PlayStation, first you need to Sign-in with your PlayStation ID. And here we are going to help you to set your Account on PS5.

It will be easy to Set up an account on PS5, if you already have an PlayStation account. You can create an account from their official site if not already exist.

When you start your PS5, it will ask you to connect the controller.  Connect your controller to continue the process.

On the next screen connect your PS5 to the internet and update the system software.

Then it will ask you to sign in Manually or with the given QR Code. It is not easy to enter details to sign-in so you can use QR Code to login.

To use QR Code, install PlayStation app on your phone and login. Then go to Settings > Sign In on PS5. And scan the QR Code from the PS5.

Video Credit : PlayStation

After scanning the QR Code, it will lead you to the home screen. That's all you have to follow to access your latest PlayStation 5. Enjoy your PS5!

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