Battlefield 6 release date, gameplay, trailer, and leaks

Battlefield 6 is the next game in the popular game series called ‘Battlefield’. It is going to be a big game for the franchise and players will get to witness high-profile gaming. The Battlefield game is from EA (Electronic Arts). The game will be soon available on many platforms including PlayStations, Xbox, Windows, and maybe in Cloud Services as well. If you are interested in the upcoming Battlefield 6 game then you are in the right place. Here you will know about Battlefield 6 and also, we will cover Battlefield 6 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Leaks, and more.

The Battlefield series is one of the best first-person shooter games that are available out there. Beginning with Battlefield 1942 developed by Swedish game developers Dice (now a subsidiary of EA Games), there have been 16 games that have been launched to date with the latest one being Battlefield V, 2018.

Large maps, teamwork, and vehicular warfare are the main reasons why the franchise has been a hit among players; 60 million and counting to be precise. With the inclusion of the Firestorm mode (a Battle Royale mode) in Battlefield 5, more players joined in to enjoy it. And so, we all have one question that Battlefield 6 will include Battle Royale or not? Well, we will enjoy the game in both cases.

With the 1st quarter of 2021 nearing its end, players around the world are excited about the launch of Battlefield 6. The game would be making the best use of the next-gen consoles from Sony and Xbox.

Battlefield 6 Release Date

So far there has not been any official confirmation from Dice Games and EA about the Battlefield 6 launch date. Going by the likes for the previous game’s launch, it could be released in November or during the Holiday Season in December 2021. It was revealed during EA’s Q3 earning’s call that the next game could be launched somewhere late in 2021.

Battlefield 6 is also expected to release on multiple platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Windows PC. We may also see the new Battlefield 6 game on Cloud gaming services like Xbox Game Pass etc.

Now let’s jump to news like Battlefield 6 Gameplay & Trailer, Battlefield 6 System Requirements, and more.

Battlefield 6 Gameplay and Leaks

There is no Battlefield 6 gameplay or trailer available for now, however notable leaker Tom Henderson, who is a well-known Call of Duty leaker has provided some useful insights into the game. Here are some of the details that we have so far:

  • Battlefield 6 will be the Sequel to Battlefield 4
Battlefield 6 Release Date

Battlefield 4 was launched in 2013. The game’s single-player campaign was set up in the year 2020. With these few hints it can be said the new Battlefield 6 campaign might take place six to seven years later; somewhere between 2026-27. This could also mean that the four kinds of class systems that were in the previous games will also be present in the new game. These four classes will not only have special gadgets but will also have abilities or perks which will be a benefit to them.

  • Inclusion of Military Robots in Battlefield 6

Recent leaks also tell that Battlefield 6 may include military utilities such as Military Bots, Drones, Helicopters, and Tanks. The use of drones suggests that the game will be in the near future as mentioned above.

  • Specialist Unit Soldiers Are Not from the US and Russia

It is safe to say that China and other European countries could consist of special units. As in Battlefield 4, China would be going head-to-head against the US provided they would get support from Russia.

  • Increase in Military Warfare Players

So far as per Tom Henderson, there could be a 128-player military warfare mode in Battlefield 6. This would be the case only for the new-gen PlayStation and Xbox. Older generation consoles will be having a maximum of around 64 players only.

  • Battlefield 6 Game Location

The game could probably be based on an existing island or even a made-up one. The sketch also shows off the rockets at a site and other planes flying in towards the launch site.

  • More Realistic Graphics and Effects

Smoke and fire from destructions or explosions to buildings will have quite a realistic effect. The same can also be for rain. Speaking of which, natural forces such as earthquakes and floods can now also cause damage to buildings and other structures. This could also mean that there could be dynamic weather conditions in the game.

  • Battlefield 6 Trailer Duration

So far, the trailer duration for the upcoming game is expected to at around two minutes or so. This could be true as the leaker himself tweeted about why he wouldn’t lie about the leaks after a strong 8 yearlong reputation with regards to leaks from the Call of Duty game. Plus, the launch of the trailer could be out any time soon.

  • 1st Person Point of View Sketch
Battlefield 6 Gameplay

Henderson has also revealed a sketch of what to expect in the first person’s POV. There appears to be a tornado that is rushing towards a rocket site. The sketch is basically a view of what you would expect to see while sitting in a jet.

  • Cross Platform Functionality in Battlefield 6

Henderson revealed that there will cross-platform functionality. Players on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC will be able to cross-play as well. This was seen as a reply to one of the users who asked him about it on Twitter.

Battlefield 6 System Requirements

I know you all are so excited to know Battlefield 6 System Requirements. But as there are no trailers and confirmation, we cannot be sure of the requirement. However, we can still give our thoughts on it that the requirement will be almost similar to Battlefield 5 but with some bumped-up resources.

With a handful of leaks that have been revealed already one should take all of these with a pinch of salt and wait around when the official teaser/trailer will release by developers. The time frame for the particular teaser/trailer could drop around somewhere before the E3 2021 game expo.

Are you excited for the next Battlefield game? If you get any news or exclusive content you want to share with others, then let us know in the comment section.

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