Top AI Features in Microsoft Edge Browser

The AI is rapidly making its presence known in almost every field, especially since last year. Microsoft was among the first few companies to adopt AI in it products early. The Edge Browser is also blessed with AI features. And if you use Edge Browser on your PC, here you will learn the best AI features in Edge Browser.

The AI features are not yet available on other browsers or if they are, they are very few. This means Microsoft aims to beat its browser competitors by bringing new features early. If you have been using the Edge browser for a while and don’t know about available AI features, you are missing out on many great things. But after this article, you will know about all the best AI Features in the Edge browser.

These AI features can make browsing and your life much easier. Let’s start with the things you can do with the help of AI.

Look for anything using Copilot

If you want to know about anything that you see on the browser page including the homepage, then you can directly ask the Copilot. You can ask questions about the information on the page. You can also highlight text on the page and ask about it in the Copilot. Its similar to Circle to Search on Android phones.

Best AI Features in Edge Browser

Video Highlights

When you are watching a video, you can ask the copilot to give you a summary of the video. You can also get a timestamp for the video to quickly jump into the section you want to watch. You can ask for key points discussed in the video to read them quickly if you don’t have the time.

Get to know about Images

If you find something in an image that you want to know more about, you can look for its information in the Copilot by using the screenshot tool in Copilot in the Edge browser.

Auto Tab Grouping

If you are like me who opens too many tabs and then finds it hard to spot a specific tab. Grouping tabs is a great feature for users like me. But honestly, it’s too much work to manually group tabs, and takes time. But with this AI feature, we can easily group tabs in a few clicks. This can be done by launching Copilot and then giving the prompt ‘Group my tabs’ and then clicking on Group tabs.

Shopping Companion

Using the Copilot in Edge, you can ask for reviews, comparisons, and deals about the product. You can also ask Copilot for buying guides, but I will say you should also check for real video reviews. There is also a Wallet feature in Copilot that you can use to easily save your card details, and address for shopping. Microsoft says the details are safe and it can be used to quickly fill the required payment details.

Read Aloud

You can use the Read Aloud feature in the Edge browser for the web as well as the app for smartphones to read articles in the browser. In the browser, you can choose the language and speed of the speech. The read-aloud features also work offline. All you need to do is click on the read-aloud icon near the bookmark icon. It also works with PDF.

Best AI Features in Edge Browser

Generate Images

The Edge browser lets us generate images with prompts. It uses DALL-E to generate images. The feature is called Image Creator from Designer. It may not be perfect like Midjourney but can be useful in some cases. It requires a Microsoft account.

Best AI Features in Edge Browser

Writing Assistant

If you do your writing work in the Edge browser, the AI can assist you with your work. It can help with spelling, grammar, and synonym suggestions.


You can ask the Copilot to write for you. It can help you with emails, essays, and other tasks. You can set the tone, format, and length of the content.

Best AI Features in Edge Browser

These are the best AI features in the Microsoft Edge browser. But there are more AI features such as tools related to Gaming, browsing, and more.

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