How to Generate AI Images Using Google Search

Artificial Intelligence has now become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Google revealed its own AI tool early this year called Bard AI. Google’s Bard AI has been integrated with a good number of Google tools and services.

In August, Google released the Search Generative Experiment program, which has provided users with a good number of AI-based tools.

While there are a good number of tools for you to use with Google, there seems to be one tool missing. There is no AI Image generator tool from Google. As a big company, one would expect it to release an image-generation tool for its users.

Well, there is one and it’s pretty easy to use actually. Want to make use of the Google AI image generator tool? You’ve come to the right place.

Now, Google hasn’t released a dedicated tool or website for you to generate AI images. So, what do you use? Well, you can easily make use of the trusty old Google Search bar. For best results, I would recommend that you make use of the latest available version of Google Chrome.

Let’s take a look at the steps of how you can generate AI images.

Generate AI Images Within Google Search

Using this feature is pretty simple. All you need to do is launch Google Chrome and head to the website Once you have the search bar displayed on your browser, you simply need to enter the description of the image that you want to generate. Once you have entered the prompt, hit the enter button and you should see the image being generated in the search results of Google search.

How to Generate AI Images Using Google Search

Google will display 4 different AI-generated images. You can simply click on any one of them to expand and view the image. Best of all you can edit your query by clicking on the edit button to make changes to your AI-generated image.

Also, you can easily save these AI-generated images on your desktop. All you need to do is tap on the Export option followed by Download or you can choose Google Drive to have the images saved to your personal Google Drive storage.

Additional Points to Remember

These are some of the important points you need to keep in mind when you plan to make use of the IA image generator tool within Google Search.

How to Generate AI Images Using Google Search
  • The features are still rolling out. So it will take some time to show up for you. This depends on the region you reside in.
  • While the feature may work with other web browsers, it is ideal to make use of Google Chrome for the best results and performance of the AI Image generator tool.
  • Use sensible words when typing in your query. Since this is an image generator tool, you need to use words such as create, make, generate, etc. You know similar words you would use with any other image generator out there.
  • You need to have creative prompts to get interesting results. Basic-level prompts may not give you the desired image or result.
  • Do not miss it. Using words that are inappropriate might simply result in a ban from ever using the tool.
  • Also, do not overuse the tool as it will simply make Google feel that the tool is being abused and will simply fail to display any image that has been generated by Ai itself.

This concludes the guide on how you can make use of the AI image generator tool within Google Search. Yes, this is indeed a pretty cool tool and we can’t wait for people to be making use of this tool and sharing their interesting results with everyone on social media.

If you do not have the feature yet, give it some time and you should be able to make use of the tool as and when its available to all users regardless of the region.

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