15 Things You Missed While Watching The GTA VI Trailer

Rockstar Games released the trailer for their next Grand Theft Auto game; GTA 6, and within just a few hours of the trailer being released to the public, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot a ton of things that you wouldn’t easily spot when watching the trailer for the first time.

So, let’s take a look at all the things that we could have missed to look at from the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer.

List of Things Fans Spotted in the Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer

While the trailer was just a minute and 30 seconds long, people have found so many things hidden in and around the game’s trailer. Speaking of the views of the trailer, the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer is the only non-music video that has crossed more than 100 million views on YouTube in under 24 hours. The GTA V trailer that was released 12 years ago has around 100 million views. Meanwhile, the GTA VI trailer that was released 2 days ago already has 116 million views.

These high numbers for the trailer itself show you the interest that the GTA fans have been waiting for the announcement of the next game in the GTA franchise. As for game sales, it is expected to break the record that was set by GTA, 12 years ago. There will be twice the number of players for the new GTA VI game. Now, let’s take a look at everything spotted from the GTA VI trailer.

Things You Might Have Missed From The GTA VI Trailer

Vice City Police Cars

If you have paid attention to the police cars from the original Vice City game, they all came with the green and white paint job. Well GTA VI also has police cars with the very same paint job. We get to see Rockstar’s version of the Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Explorer, and the Dodge Challenger as police cars in GTA VI.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Ocean View Hotel

The Ocean View Hotel is one of the most iconic places from the original GTA Vice City game. Sure, it does get a remodel in the upcoming GTA VI game, but hey, it’s got the neon lights and the road where you can park your car and enjoy the neon-lit view.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Dual Protagonists

GTA VI has not one, but two protagonists. The trailer has already established that Lucia is one of the main characters of the game. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but her partner, Jason, could also be the second main character in the game. As we can see from the trailer both of them go out to rob stores and commit crimes together.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Tom Petty References

If you did watch the trailer, then the soundtrack playing was Tom Petty’s Love Is a Road. A very iconic soundtrack that seems quite fitting for the game. Of course, it will be a track for the in-game radio station. Oh, and there is also a petty forever sticker on one of the store’s doors.

Varieties of Boats

There are numerous types of boats that you can see in the trailer such as yachts, fishing boats, shipping boats, and even high-speed boats that can be used to cruise around the waters of Leonida. Oh, and did you check out the airboat?

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Lucia Wearing An Ankle Bracelet

The official poster for GTA VI shows you Lucia wearing an ankle bracelet. This could mean that she is either on probation or is on house arrest and has probably not escaped from the prison-like we would want to believe.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Animals Debut In GTA VI

The trailer shows you a lot of flamingos and alligators- something that is quite visible on a large scale in real-life Florida. And yes, there is even a little dog that can be seen walking on the beach. We could maybe be owning pets in the game. Nobody knows yet.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

In-Game Social media

The trailer does show off several short video-type content and in-game characters using their cell phones to go live and record things happening in and around the city. Be it nightlife, beach life, activities, or just the usual flex

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Toll Booths in GTA VI

The trailer does show for a brief second that there will be toll booths in the game. Now how this works, we are yet to find out. Would the toll booth automatically deduct cash from you or do you simply get to just speed through them?

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Street Takeovers

The trailer also showed several pretty-looking lowriders that seemed quite detailed as well as an aerial shot of people taking over the streets and performing stunts with their cars. We could see low-rider show-offs and maybe even street racing in the game.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Low Riders And Custom-Designed Cars

The next GTA game will also have a good number of low riders as well as heavily tuned and customized cars. There will be a ton of paint jobs, wraps, and even performance mods for your rides.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Patriot Beer Is In Vice City

One of the beer brands from GTA IV has made a comeback to the next GTA game. This seems to be interesting, considering that Piswasser also makes a return to GTA VI. There is a good feeling that we could be having club missions like in GTA Online that have things for you to do regarding the club.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Tennis Time

In the aerial shot of the city in the trailer, we get to see a tennis court. This could suggest that we could have some fun side sports events to play around whether in single-player or maybe even in the online mode if it does come out.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Beggar On The Streets

Rockstar has taken a lot of consideration when detailing its next GTA game. There is a shot of a beggar sitting with his reptile opposite the iconic Ocean View hotel. Considering the beggar has made its way into the GTA game, we can expect more strange and realistic things that people do in real life to show up in the game.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Dynamic Weather Effects

While real-life Florida has crazy weather that changes from time to time, the same can be noticed in the game as well. If you do look closely enough at the social media clips within the game, you will see the dark and dull clouds rolling out preparing for a rainstorm.

things you missed in gta 6 trailer

Closing Thoughts

This is everything that we think you might have missed out on from the GTA 6 trailer. However, this is only just the beginning. As and when Rockstar Games reveals and shares more trailers of the game, we will get to see even more details and things that might have not been shown in the first trailer. Anyway, there is quite a long time for the game to be released, so we can hope to see more trailers, details, and hopefully, even gameplay footage of the game in the coming years.


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