7 Best Open World Story Driven Games like GTA 5 to Play on Android and iOS

GTA 5 is a very popular triple-A titled game available for PC and consoles. Now, it’s a game that has been around for a long time and it still has a large number of players to date. Of course, the story mode, online mode, and the type of content that is being released for it show how much the game is loved by players the world over. However, if you were looking out for games like GTA V for mobile devices, you first need to understand that there is no game that replicates GTA V in any way. Rather, you will be able to find a number of mobile games that are as open world as you would expect like GTA 5. So, here is our list of open-world games like GTA V for Android and iOS.

Now, if you have been playing GTA V for a while, you might have even gotten tired of waiting for the upcoming GTA 6 game of which no details are known. But, that doesn’t mean you should stay away from open-world games altogether. There are a decent number of open-world games that are available for you to play on Android as well a son iOS. Again, we would like to state that this is a list of open-world games like GTA 5 that you can play on your mobile devices.

Games like GTA 5 for Android and iOS

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

We start off this list by putting out the games that have been published for mobile by Rockstar games. The first one here is Chinatown Wars. As it is with every GTA game, you will be tasked with a number of missions as well as side quests for you to complete the main plot of the game. In Chinatown Wars, you will be playing the role of Huang Lee who is out and about to take revenge for his father’s murder. In order to find the truth and the real person who murdered his father, Huang will have to complete various tasks and missions in the city of Chinatown.

games like gta 5 for android

Gangster Rio: City of Saints

What to be out of the Rockstar Games franchise? Well here is a good one from Gameloft. Yes, it’s an old one, around 10 years or so, but it’s a game that you’d enjoy if you wanted to enjoy an open world and play around with 60 or so different missions. Just like GTA, there is a large collection of vehicles and weapons that you can use. And yes, if you are looking for some in-game music, Gangster Rio certainly has a lot of licensed in-game music that you can listen to through the various radio stations that are available.

games like gta 5 for android
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Platform: Android

Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne is a great game especially if you have played the PC versions of it during your school days. Now, this isn’t the open-world type of game that you would expect. However, it’s like GTA V, a story-driven game where you progress through levels based on the completion of various missions. You are playing the role of a fugitive undercover cop that has been framed by various other cops and is on the lookout for all of them. It’s a very interesting game if you focus and play it along. 

games like gta 5 for android

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

The next game is also another GTA game, and honestly, they need to be on this list of open-world games for a number of reasons everyone knows. With Liberty City Stories, you will be playing as Toni Cipriani on the East Coast of Liberty City. All this while, Toni was hiding from a crime he committed years back. However, with time, Liberty City begins to run into a mess. It gets into a ton of problems with political issues and various other families trying their best to take control of the city. It is all up to Toni to bring Liberty City under the control of the Leone Family.

games like gta 5 for android

Grand Theft Auto: III

The 10th-anniversary edition of GTA III was released for mobile by Rockstar Games. It was the same PC port of the original game made to run on mobile with touch screen controls. In GTA III you will be playing Claude, a silent character who will be tasked with various missions and side missions in the town of Liberty City. You will be able to roam around freely and explore the city. However, there will be a few areas that will be locked. These will unlock as and when you progress and successfully complete a set of missions. The controls might not be particularly great, especially for 2022. Nonetheless, a good game that you can play on the go.

games like gta 5 for android

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

One of the best GTA games out there. Set in the ’80s, this is one GTA game that you have to play. There are many reasons why you should be playing this one. You get to explore the neon-lit 80s streets, drive around classic cars, and of course, do everything you enjoy doing in a GTA game. In Vice City, you’ll be playing Tommy Vercetti who is on a mission to look for the missing bags of money and drugs that were supposed to be exchanged. The game has average controls. Average because it’s simply not the best, especially when you try to move the camera around. 

games like gta 5 for android

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

San Andreas is one of the games to play as and when you’ve completed GTA Vice City. The game is set in the 90s San Andreas and you play as CJ. Grove Street is your home and you have come back after a long time, only to see your city being taken over by other groups. It’s your aim and goal to take back control of San Andreas and unite all your members together. The game is filled with a lot of things apart from the main and side missions. You can play in races, build up your body, play and win on arcade machines, and also purchase different properties in the game.

games like gta 5 for android


And there you have it. The 7 best open world and story-driven games like GTA V that you can on Android as well as iOS devices. These are simply fun games that you can play and enjoy. Whether you like story-driven or simply enjoy exploring the open world, these are a good bunch of games to play on mobile. However, if you want to play such types of games on Conole, you can check out this list of games right here.

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