Best Streaming Services with Local Channels for Smart TV

Gone are the days when one would loom over the bills for their cable TV connection. Who wants to pay double or triple the amount to watch tv or for that matter even local TV channels? Now that the number of cord-cutters is increasing, the first question that comes to one’s mind is, where I am going to get access to my local tv channels? Some might ask, do people still want to watch local TV channels? The answer is yes, People prefer to get news and updates from their particular city right away without having to jump through various hurdles to get the related info.

In order to clear out all the questions and confusion, we will be taking a look at streaming services with local channels.

Now, you could simply make use of an antenna to get your local channels to your tv right away. But, why really go out all the way and get an antenna only to realize that it isn’t able to cover up a good range to get the airwaves to your TV. And also the fact that everyone has a WiFi connection in their home and their TV supports it well, the need for streaming services becomes a top priority. So, let’s take a look at streaming services that have local TV channels to stream.

Which Streaming Service has Local Channels?

how to get local channels on samsung smart tv

Samsung TV Plus

This is a great streaming service that lets you stream a ton of free channels that are available locally. The great part about this service is that it is free, but you will be able to get access to this service only on Samsung Smart TVs 

However, if you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can make use of the service in about 23 regions across the world. And yes, you will be able to stream a good number of local channels depending on your region. You need to press the Samsung TV Plus button and stream on. You do not need to create an account, provide any payment info or even download the app. You can check out all the channels that are available by heading here.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a very popular streaming service that lets you stream a good number of local channels. Now, these channels are available depending on the region you reside in. As it is with any YouTube service, you will be able to get access to YouTube TV on a good number of devices.

You will have to note that YouTube TV is a monthly subscription-based service. The plan starts at $64.99 and increases depending on the various add-ons you might want to add. The best part about the service is you get to make use of the unlimited DVR storage for when you might want to record a particular program. You can check out the list of TV Channels over here.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another great streaming service, especially for those who have recently cut the cord to their cable tv network. This is a good streaming service that lets you watch popular TV channels as well as your local ones right away. The plans for Sling TV start at $35 and can increase gradually based on the plans and add-ons you would like to choose. However, you need to note that only the premium content channels are paid.

With regards to the local TV Channels, you can watch them for free. However, to get access to the local channels, you will have to purchase an HD antenna that is sold separately. Once you have the antenna, you can tune and watch your local TV Channels right away. Sling TV is preferred because of the offers that you can avail of on your first month’s subscription. Fubo TV has around 100+ channels that can be streamed right away.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is another streaming service just like Sling TV. However, FuboTV is catered more towards the sports fans as it boasts a wide large variety of sports channels that you watch on a number of devices. Fubo TV has plans that start at $69.99 a month and can increase depending on the various packages or add-ons that you would like to include in your base plan.

There are a good number of local tv networks that you can stream as well as other local tv channels that are available in your particular region. If you are interested, you can make use of the free trial to see how the service works for you. Fubo TV has around 200+ channels to choose from.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is another great starter option for those who have just cut the cord. You can choose from four subscriptions that can range anywhere between $54.99 and $134.99 Now,  based on the package, you will be able to get access to a certain number of channels. All of the popular TV networks are available on every plan from DirecTV Stream.

The best part with DirecTV Stream is that you can access all your favorite TV channels either on your TV, PC, or on your mobile device. If you want to get an idea of how the service works, you can make use of their free trial and later choose to subscribe to your preferred plan.

Hulu+ Live TV

Now, we all know Hulu as a popular streaming service that lets you stream all the latest and exclusive TV shows and movies right away. Apart from the Tv Shows and movies, you can also get access to the Live TV Channels of your choice. Yes! There is a specific Hulu+ Live TV plan that you can subscribe which gives you the best of both worlds for a great price of $69.99 a month.

Well, Hulu+ Live TV has a large number of Live TV Channels that you can watch plus more channels depending on the area you live in. You can watch all your favorite sports events live as well. Here is the list of TV Channels available on Hulu+ Live TV.


Philo is a great TV streaming service for those who do not want to spend much. At just $25 a month, you can access a large number of live tv and other tv channels right away. You will be able to stream around 60+ channels right away.

This is a great service for those who do not have a lot of time to watch tv but simply just want to get important information and news from various local channels and stream a movie or two during the weekends. You can signup for the free trial to have a good idea of what you can expect from Philo.

Peacock TV

If you simply do not want to spend any money and want to watch a good number of channels for free, Peacock TV is the service for you. With the free plan, you can watch up to 50 channels along with a  good number of movies and TV shows. However, if you plan to get this service for live streaming sports and other events, it would be advisable to get the premium plan which will cost you $4.99 a month. Or, you could simply get the Plus plan for $9.99 a month to stream your content ad-free.

For the free plan, all you will require is your email address and a password for your Peacock account. With just that, you can stream your free tv channels right away.

And this concludes the list of best streaming services that not only let you stream TV shows and movies but also let you watch various Live TV channels right away. Now, you can pick the service that you feel best based on the price or maybe even on the number of TV channels that it has on offer. Which is your preferred streaming service to watch live TV? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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