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5 Ways to Fix Server DNS Address could not be Found

Looking for the solutions of error “Server DNS Address could not be found” in google chrome or any other browser, then you are at the right place.

If you encounter this problem, don’t panic because it is a common problem and can be fixed for free. Just go on with this tutorial and you will easily learn how you can fix the error.

The error ‘Server DNS Address could not be found’ can occur in any browser, so the solution you are going to learn will work in every browser. This appears while we try to access some particular sites. For example, if you are opening yotube.com it will open,  but if you try to open facebook.com then it will not open and will notify you of this error.

Fix Server DNS Address could not be Found

1) Change DNS Address Manually

The first step you should so after facing this issue, manually change the DNS address. You can use DNS addresses of Google or other best DNS servers. This will also help to increase the speed along with fixing the error.

There are many advantages of using Google DNS server address. Such as faster, prevent malware, and also it updates frequently. Follow the steps to manually change DNS Server Address.


  • Open Settings in Windows PC.
  • Select Network & Internet from many options.
  • In the status section go to Change Adapter Options
  • A new window will open which will show the network that you have connected before and also the network with your PC is connected. Then select the network you are connected to. 
  • Then Right-Click on the network connection that you are using and open properties
  • Now in WiFi properties double click on Internet protocol version 4 or IPv4
  • Now below select use the following DNS server addresses. And enter google DNS Address: and and hit Ok. 

Note: If you are using IPv6 then put 2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844

After manually adding DNS server address check if pages are opening or not. If not then follow these steps:

Open CMD as an Administrator. Then type the following commands:

ipconfig/flushdns and press enter

ipconfig/renew and press enter

ipconfig/registerdns and press enter

Then Restart the PC and try opening pages again. Now it will work.

2) Clear Google Chrome Host cache

Chrome Host also stores cache so it can be also a cause for the error because sometimes cache gets full. So the best solution here is to clean the Chrome host cache. Check out how to remove Chrome’s host cache.

  • Search for chrome://net-internals/#dns in a new tab or window in Google Chrome. 
  • Then from Host resolver cache click on Delete host cache.
  • Now you can open any webpage without any error.

If still, you are facing the problem then try next method.

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3) Remove Files from etc Folder

etc folder inside driver folder contains host file and other network related files which are not necessary. And also these files may be the reason of error Server DNS Address could not be Found. So this could be the right solution in your case. It is a simple fix so try this method, it won’t take long.

  • Open C Drive in File Manager.
  • Then go to the following address: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  • Select all the files and delete all the files.
  • Now check if the internet working or not.

If still, you can’t access pages then follow next method.

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4) Try restarting DNS Client Service

If you are reading this method, then probably you are still facing the error. Now try restarting DNS client service. This is a very easy and effective method, which has a very good chance to solve the issue. Check out how to restart DNS client service.

  • Open Run service from win + R or right click on windows icon and open Run.
  • Then type services.msc and click OK. Server DNS Address could not be Found
  • Now a list of all services will open. Search for DNS client and then right click on it.
  • Click on Restart option. If the DNS client is running then the restart option will not appear. Server DNS Address could not be Found
  • Then restart your PC and check if the error was fixed or not.

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5) Reset Internet Settings

This method has a high success rate of solving the issue if it has not been solved yet by above methods. Follow the steps to Reset internet settings.

  • Search for Internet options in the search bar and press enter. Server DNS Address could not be Found
  • Then the Internet properties Tab will open. Server DNS Address could not be Found
  • Now go to Advanced TabServer DNS Address could not be Found
  • In Advanced Tab click on Reset from below. Once again it will ask to confirm, Tick Delete personal settings and then Reset it. It will reset the Internet settings of Internet Explorer. Server DNS Address could not be Found
  • Now to reset Google Chrome internet settings. Go to settings in Google Chrome.
  • Then click on Advanced to open more settings options. 
  • Now go to extreme last and click on Reset. Now again a small tab will open to confirm it. Click on Reset and finally, it will reset all the settings including Internet settings.


These are the 5 methods to fix Server DNS Address could not be Found. I hope that any of the given methods have fixed the issue with your browser. If not you can ask us through comment and you can also contact through facebook.

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