Riders Republic Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, System Requirements, and More

Extreme sports are always fun as well as thrilling. Granted it can’t be enjoyed a lot now with the current situation in the world. However, thanks to games we get to relive and enjoy these moments virtually with friends and other people online. Riders Republic is one such good game that aims to do the same thing and create an ever enjoyable experience. Read on to know about the Riders Republic release date, trailer, gameplay, system requirements, and more.

Various forms of extreme outdoor sports are loved by people all around the world. It gets even more fun if you are the kind that enjoys thrills and adventures along with lots of fun. Ubisoft has come out with this game that I’m sure will bring in endless hours of fun, gameplay as well as various kinds of content that can be created from the game itself. Let’s take a look at everything we know so far about Ubisoft’s new game Riders Republic.

Riders Republic Release Date

Riders Republic development began in 2018 and is now being developed by various Ubisoft Studio teams from around the globe. The game was announced at the Ubisoft Forward event in 2020 and is now ready to release on 2 September 2021.

Riders Republic Release Date

Riders Republic Trailer

Ubisoft had released the Riders Republic trailer for the game during its Ubisoft Forward event in 2020. The trailer showcases a lot of cool stuff such as various characters that you play with, various maps that you can play as well as various kinds of stunts that you will be able to perform. The trailer also contains good background music that goes well with such kind of a game.

Riders Republic Gameplay

During the E3 event this year, Ubisoft revealed the gameplay overview trailer. It showcases the Riders Ridge. A place where you will be able to add friends, manage your career, train yourself and even customize your character. The game is a total online multiplayer that has tons of modes all in the third person view. The game’s graphics also look good and have a very diverse and vibrant world. It is a big free roam open world game for you to explore and ride around exploring the views.

Riders Republic Gameplay

Riders Republic Career Mode

Of course, it’s an extreme outdoor sports game that automatically brings in various kinds of career modes within the game. There 6 career modes that you can choose to play. They are:

  • Bike Freestyle
  • Bike Racing
  • Ski Freestyle
  • Ski Racing
  • Wingsuit
  • Rocket Wingsuit

Each career mode will have various events and activities that you can enjoy trying out. Throughout the career mode, you will be given guidance by Brett Nale, who provides tons of tips and even sponsorship offers.

Riders Republic Locations

The game has various kinds of National Parks that are based around real-life ones that are present in the United States. So far, there are seven National parks in the game.

Riders Republic Locations
  • Mammoth Mountain
  • Yosemite
  • Grand Teton
  • Sequoia Park
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Zion
  • Canyonland

Riders Republic Customization

As you progress through the game and win various events, you will unlock various elements such as costumes, props, and skins. With that being said, you will be able to customize your character with most of the stuff that you earn from winning and progressing through the career mode.

Riders Republic Multiplayer Modes

Looking at how the game revolves, Ubisoft says that you will be able to match with 50 players on the next generation consoles and up to 20 players in the previous generation consoles. Of course, this has been kept in mind with regards to the hardware limits of the consoles. For PC you will be matched with 50 players.

Riders Republic Multiplayer Mode

There are various PvP events such as competitive races, and trick challenges. The 20 and 50 player races will have you racing and competing around to an extent since there are no limits whatsoever. It is more like the best leads the rest. No multiplayer game is complete with multiplayer team games like the 6v6 team matchups. And of course, there is an online leaderboard that will show your progression well players that are at the top of the leaderboard.

Riders Republic Platform Availability

The game will be available for the previous as well as next-generation consoles, on the PlayStation as well as Xbox ones. On PC it will be available on the Ubisoft Store as well as the Epic Games Store. Also, you will have the game available on the cloud gaming platform, Stadia. The game also has cross-play, meaning that you will be able to play with your friends regardless of the platform whether console, PC, or Cloud Gaming.

The other good part of this is that you will have cross-progression, something that not a lot of games have. You will be able to continue your progress regardless of the platform you previously played on. Riders Republic will have HDR and can be played at resolutions of 4K at 60FPS. If you might be having the previous generation consoles and later upgrade to the newer ones, you will have a free upgrade to the next-gen.

Riders Republic System Requirements

Even with a lot of details that have been revealed by Ubisoft about the game, they still haven’t revealed the minimum system requirements for the game, considering that the release date is just a few months away. However, Ubisoft does say that they have a lot more to show to the public before the game’s release date, so hopefully, we could get to see the system requirements as well.

Riders Republic game versions, pre-order and beta availability

The game has three versions. The base game contains just the game and nothing else. The gold version of the game has additional content as well as a year 1 pass. With the Ultimate Edition, you get everything including the year 1 pass as well as four exclusive styled packs. The game is now available for pre-order on Xbox, PlayStation Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Store. The game will be available in digital as well as physical copies. With regards to the beta availability of the game, you can register for the beta on any platform whatsoever.

Looking at the details and things that can be done in the game, it sure is worth the wait, given that its release is quite nearby. And since the lockdowns continue to haunt everyone, some fun virtual outdoor sports are the only way to feel energized and have a great time with your friends online.

That’s all on Riders Republic release date, trailer, gameplay, system requirements, and more. Do let us know if you want us to share similar information for other games.

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