How to Play Google Stadia Games on any Android Phone [Root]

Google Stadia is the new gaming revolution and it can be your favourite game streaming service to enjoy games. It is a Google product which allows users to play any games on any device without installing, downloading, without hardware requirement and more. You can also play high end games on supported phones like Pixel series. But not everyone has the Pixel phones so one question arises that how to play it on other phones. A developer AmineIzumi have come up with a module named Xtadia which let you play Google Stadia games on any Android phone. Here you get to download Xtadia Module for Android. Download Xtadia module

Yes, it is possible to play any games on your Android device, the only requirement is you need to install Xtadia module. This is an Xposed module for rooted phones, so if you have a rooted device and Xtadia module then you can easily play any games on your Android phone.

What is Xtadia Module?

Xtadia is an Xposed module which allows users to play Stadia on any Android phones. It is possible by spoofing the device name and save it as one of the Pixel devices. Xtadia module works on rooted phones in which the Xposed framework is installed. It also lets to change the connection type, so that users can play Stadia on locations where Stadia is not available.

Google Stadia is a game streaming service which let you play any available games on your device without the need of any console and other hardware. To play games you just need your phone or computer device, high speed internet and Stadia service. Using the Stadia streaming service you can also resume your game progress on other devices.

Stadia charges around $10 a month in which it also gives some free games. But for other games, you need to pay as per their prices. But it is a convenient way to play games as it doesn’t require any specific graphic card or any specific processor. As of now, it is limited to some countries but maybe soon it could extend to other countries as well. So till Google doesn’t announce for support to other countries and other phones, you can use Xtadia as an alternative to play Stadia games on any Android device and anywhere.

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Download Xtadia Module (Xposed)

The Xtadia module is free and you can download on your phone. All thanks to the developer AmineIzumi for an awesome module. It is a small module and it will work on Android 7.0 or higher devices. You can download the Xtadia module by going to Xposed repository from the below link.

It is a stable version and works without any major bugs. Still, if you find any bug then you can share logs of error with the developer. You can take logs from the Syslog app. After downloading the Xposed module you can install it on your phone. If you are unaware of installing procedure then follow the below method.


  • Your device should be rooted (if not, search your device name in our site and check for root guide)
  • Xposed framework and installer should be installed
  • Take a full backup of your data (to restore if you brick your device)

How to Install Xtadia Module with Xposed Framework

  1. Download the Xtadia Module apk and copy it to phone storage.
  2. Now tap on Xtadia module to install it on your phone and wait for installation.
  3. Then open the Xposed module installer on your phone.
  4. In Xposed, click on three bars from the top left.
  5. Then go to Module option and there you will find the Xtadia module.
  6. Tap on the checkbox beside the Xtadia module to enable it.
  7. Now reboot your device and enjoy the Stadia games on your Android phone.

Another way to install go to Xposed > Download and search for Stadia and install it on your device. Then go to Module and activate the module and reboot your device.

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So this is a useful module to play Stadia on Android phones. In case if the module doesn’t work on your phone then share the logs of error with the developer.

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