[Update: More Screenshots Added] Our first look at the Origin OS replacing Funtouch OS

Vivo is known for its innovative ideas and this is one of the reasons for its success. You may already know that Vivo is going to replace Funtouch OS with the new Origin OS. It will be a challenge for Vivo as they continue to release many phones. And delivering the new OS will be a tough task. But it is official that Vivo will bring Origin OS. Here we are going to share some first look at the Origin OS.

Originally published on November 2nd, updates are added at the end.

The Origin OS will be focused on smooth response and enhanced performance. Samsung has already done this experiment successfully and now they are dominating with the One UI. So if Vivo also managed to provide the experience that users are hoping for, then it would give a boost to their market share. Now coming back to the Origin OS features, then you can hope for many improvements.

Origin OS will come with a new UI along with a new set of default apps such as File Manager, Browser, Notes, and more. We managed to get hands on some of the upcoming Origin OS Screenshots that gives more info on the Vivo’s Origin OS.

Origin OS First Look

The current Vivo’s OS ‘Funtouch OS’ is a good OS but it also lacks some features that other brands are offering. Maybe to fill that gap Vivo is replacing with a new and enhanced Origin OS. But the main agenda is still not clear why the new OS if there is an OS already existing. The answer to this question can only be given by Vivo during official release.

The Origin OS may come with the new File Manager. It now lets you easily access different types of files like Images, Documents, Videos, Music, and others. Also, it let you easily check the available size and delete junk files. If we compare with other default file manager from different brands, it is more like that OnePlus is offering.

Origin OS First Look

And the new Origin OS logo is much better and simple. With this step, no one can deny Vivo is heading in the right direction. Vivo users must be excited to experience the new Origin OS on their phones. But as of now, we don’t have any official dates for the beta and official release.

There can be many reasons to replace Funtouch OS, especially for the new start. We can’t quote much on the new Origin OS until any official clearance. But if Vivo is switching to a new OS there will be a new agenda and process to deliver updates frequently.

Update 1: November 15th

The latest leak of Origin OS confirmed a slew of new features, including, revamped UI, more rounded icons, intuitive notification panel and recent apps UI, Weather app, and much more. Here you can check the screenshots of Vivo’s upcoming skin, Origin OS.

Thanks to the known tipster, TechnoAnkit1, for sharing these images on its twitter handle. We will soon add more details of Origin OS, once available to us.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Origin OS? It will be interesting to see what will be their main focus on the new OS as Funtouch OS is a Simple and feature pack OS. We will be covering more news on Origin OS so stay tuned for the latest updates.

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