Microsoft Teases Wallpapers from New Copilot+ PCs

Microsoft recently held an event where the company revealed the first wave of Copilot+ PCs. Copilot Plus PCs are like the next-gen PCs powered by an even more powerful AI model. These PCs will hit the shelves soon. Microsoft shared some new wallpapers from new Copilot Plus PCs before their release.

At the event, we got a glimpse of what the Copilot+ PCs are capable of. This is all possible thanks to the upgraded and powerful hardware and the all-new NPU chip that allows the AI model to run on the device, making processing even faster.

With Copilot+, you can use AI across your PC, whether you want some help in a game, want image insight, edit images without opening them, get live captions with real-time translation in calls, get a summary from email notifications, and more. It truly is a powerful assistant that can help you with anything on your PC. You can check more features here.

Copilot+ Laptops also come with a dedicated Copilot button using which you can easily launch the Copilot app. Unlike before, Copilot is a standalone app on Copilot+ PCs, and no longer fixed on the right side of the screen. You can use it like a ChatGPT but with many other options.

Microsoft in a tweet shared four wallpapers from new Copilot Plus PCs. The first two wallpapers look to be inspired by ColorOS wallpapers. Their design are like 3D palettes which look cool with the combination of colors used. The other two wallpapers are like one wallpaper but from the combination of dual screen setup. This means combining both makes one full wallpaper.

Here you can see the preview in the same view as described above.

If you like these wallpapers shared by Microsoft, you can get them from Tweet or you can also use the Google Drive link.

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