Copilot Plus PCs: All New AI-Powered Features!

Microsoft’s special event just concluded and there have been a ton of cool announcements. One of the more important announcements in front was the reveal of the brand-new Copilot Plus PC. Yes, this is a dedicated version of Copilot that is slated to work just fine with laptops that not only come with ARM-based CPUs but also with systems that have a dedicated NPU and also has a dedicated AI button on the keyboard itself.

So if you missed out on the Copilot+ PC-related announcements, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of all the Copilot+ PC features that have been announced at the Microsoft Event.

Features Available on Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft, Qualcomm, and PC makers announced 14 AI-powered devices, check out the complete list of PCs announced. From the 18th of June 2024, we will be seeing new laptops that will have support for Copilot + PC out of the box. All of these laptops have one thing in common, an SoC from Snapdragon. These will all be ARM-based laptops powered by the Snapdragon X Elite 12-core CPUs.

Now, let’s move on to the new features of Copilot+ PC.


Recall is a brand-new feature with Copilot+ PC. What this feature does is that it takes screenshots of your screen during the day. Suppose you might be looking for a particular topic, or you might have seen something on your screen but can no longer recollect what it was. With the help of Recall, you simply can see through things that you might have searched or previously seen using the screenshots that Recall has captured. All of these screenshots are encrypted and stored on your Windows PC only.

Recall will work with any website, app, and even your emails. Recall will also work for Microsoft Teams. Say you want to look for a particular word that was sent via Teams. Simply ask Copilot to browse through your chats, and it will display results from the chat that contains the particular word.

Microsoft Paints gets the AI Treatment

Paint is one of the most loved drawing applications in the Windows operating system. Paint now has an AI tool called Cocreator. Now, you can generate images by simply drawing whatever you like on the screen. You can create fun images by even adding text prompts so that you get better-generated images.

Additionally, with the help of the Restyle app, you can use your generated image to be displayed in various art styles. You can create and use these images however you want. Creating these images is free and fast. Plus, if you want to save them to your PC, you can always do that. With the Photos app, you will be able to make several edits, add different filters, and be able to fine-tune your image in terms of brightness, saturation, hue, shadows, and a lot more.

Live Captions Get Live Translations

While Windows 11 brought in the Live Captions feature to many supported apps and video services, you can now get live translations via Live Caption on your screen instantly. Of course, all of this will be powered and processed by the NPU engine on your PC. You will be able to Live Translate from over 40 languages. Best of all, these live Translations via Live Captions will also work even if you are offline. If you are buying a new Windows PC or have a supported Windows PC that will be able to work with Copilot+ PC, you can use this feature right away.

Video Calls Get Better Studio Effects

When taking calls with video conferencing apps, you need to not only look your best but also sound the best. You now have several quick Settings that will help you to adjust various elements such as lighting effects, creative new filters, eye contact teleprompter helper as well as improvements in voice focus and portrait blur which keeps you off any distractions that could be going on in the background.

Better AI Integration With Other Apps

If you are someone in the creative industry, you’re going to like a lot of what Copilot+ PC is going to bring to some of your favorite apps.

Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Express

copilot plus pc features

These are the three biggest Adobe apps and are already here with Copilot+ PCs. With the help of the NPU, you can expect better-optimized AI, which will give you the best performance when working with these apps. Other Adobe apps such as Premiere Pro and Illustrator will shortly be coming to Copilot+PCs. This integration will help to make AI perform better with these apps.

NPU Acceleration with DaVinci Resolve

copilot plus pc features

Creating visual effects in DaVinci Resolve is going to get faster and better. Thanks to the AI integration with Copilot+ PC, you apply fun effects to objects and people without having to struggle. You will thank your NPU for faster and better effects.

CapCut Background Remover

copilot plus pc features

No matter what video you import into CapCut, you can now easily remove the background without any fuss. Thanks to the NPU integration, you can use AutoCut to remove backgrounds from any clip that you find.

Cephable Gets More Responsive

copilot plus pc features

Better input controls such as head movements and facial expressions are now quicker and more accurate thanks to the all-new NPU-powered camera within Cephable This is good for those playing games using body movement as input.

Quick Annotations in LiquidText

AI features within LiquidText will help you to easily and quickly annotate text, which helps to make your documents smarter. All the data used by AI stays on device and does not leave Liquidtext.

djay Pro

For those users who are into creating and remixing music with the pro version of djayPro, you can now use AI, powered by the NPU to create better and high-quality audio tracks thanks to the NeuralMix feature.

Closing Thoughts

So yes, the new Copilot+PC is one big update to Copilot AI for Windows. Of course, all of these will work fine as long as you have an NPU and the NPU driver on your Windows PC. While the features are quite interesting, you can expect a better performance of Copilot+ PC via Microsoft’s newest launch of the Surface laptops.

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