Is Counter-Strike 2 Coming to Consoles and Other Platforms?

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular and most loved FPS games for the Windows platforms. There have been numerous Counter-Strike titles over the years, but all of them have always been available on the Windows PC platform. People have learned to play FPS games using a keyboard and mouse and this is something that will never change. Sure, you might enjoy your controller for a ton of games, but is that good enough for you to play CS 2?

Counter-Strike has been and will forever be a Windows PC-exclusive game. No matter how powerful or feature-rich the consoles are going to be, it will always be a game to play on PC with your keyboard and mouse.

Valve has no plans to ever release a port or version of the game on the Sony PlayStation and even on the Xbox Series X|S consoles. As a matter of fact, the only console you could try to play Counter Strike 2 would be the Windows handheld consoles like the Lenovo Legion Go or the ASUS ROG Ally.

Counter-Strike 2 as of now is not supported on Steam’s one handheld- the Seam Deck. And, even with a number of cloud gaming services out and about, Counter-Strike 2 will still not be released for those platforms and services.

Even Linux distros are waiting to get support for the Counter-Strike 2 game. The same goes for macOS systems. Yes, your M2 chip is all-powerful in many ways, but the game will never be released for these platforms and devices.

The only way console and other non-Windows platform gamers can enjoy Counter Strike 2 is to either go play the game on a PC or simply enjoy gamers streaming their gameplay on Twitch or YouTube.

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