How to Download and Play Counter Strike 2 on PC

Counter Strike 2 (CS 2) is out! Download and Play the game now!

Counter-Strike, A game franchise that has been loved by people of all ages for years. While we have seen a good number of Counter-Strike games being released throughout the life of the franchise. Valve has finally made the move and released Counter Strike 2. Yes, Counter-Strike 2 is real and is now available for you to play right away on your PC as well as your SteamOS and Linux devices.

After being in a limited test beta during the middle part of the year, Valve has finally made the game available for everyone to play. Yes, everyone can download, install, and enjoy the brand-new shooter game right now. Wondering how you can download and install the new Counter Strike 2 game? You’ve come to the right place.

How to Download Counter Strike 2

First and foremost, a lot of people will be asking if the game is free to download. Yes, the game is free to download. You do not need to pay to download and install the game to your system. However, if you want to match and play with Prime players, you can always purchase the Prime Status upgrade.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps to download Counter Strike 2 on your PC.

Prerequisites to Install Counter Strike 2

Here are a few things that you will require in order to install Counter Strike 2 on your PC.

  • Steam Client and Steam Account (If you do not have a Steam account, it is time to get yourself one as there are a ton of games for you to enjoy, including CS2)
  • At least 85GB of free storage space

Download Counter Strike 2

If you are someone who has never played Counter-Strike: GO and you plan to play and enjoy Counter-Strike 2, these are the steps for you to follow.

How to Download and Play Counter Strike 2 on PC
  1. Launch the Steam client and sign into it with your Steam account.
  2. Once signed in, click on the search box at the top right of the client.
  3. Type in Counter Strike 2 and click on the game when it displays in the search results.
  4. Once the store page for the game is displayed, you simply need to click on the button that says Play game.
    How to Download and Play Counter Strike 2 on PC
  5. This will initiate the download process for the game.
  6. The game’s size is around 35 GB, so, depending on the internet speeds, you will be able to download the game quickly or slowly on your PC.
How to Download and Play Counter Strike 2 on PC

How to Update Counter Strike: GO to Counter Strike 2

For those who already have the Counter-Strike: GO game installed on their systems, you do not have to do anything much.

How to Download and Play Counter Strike 2 on PC

All you need to do is launch the Steam client and then visit the Library tab. Now, scroll through the list till you see Counter-Strike: GO. Clicking on it will now display the store page for Counter-Strike 2. Yes, the Counter-Strike: GO game has been updated to the Counter-Strike 2 page.

Click on the blue update button to begin installing the new update that will replace Counter-Strike: GO with Counter-Strike 2. You will no longer be able to play Counter-Strike: GO on your PC anymore. If you have CS: GO installed on your PC, you will need to download a 6GB update.

Play Counter Strike 2 on your PC!

With regard to the system requirements, nothing has changed. As long as your PC is able to play Counter-Strike: GO, you can rest assured that Counter-Strike 2 will run just as fine on your PC. Once the game is downloaded on your PC, simply tap the game launcher / CS 2 icon and start playing.

This concludes everything you need to know about how you can download and install the new Counter-Strike 2 on your Windows PC. While this is a Valve game, the game is still not ready to be installed on the Steam Deck. We could see this support come through in the coming days or weeks.

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