Is Counter Strike 2 A Free To Play Game?

When we talk about games on the Steam client, the most loved game out there is Counter-Strike. No matter what Counter-Strike game it is, everyone has good and fond memories of playing the game. While those games are still available on Steam, you would have to buy them to enjoy them. Well, at least this was the case all these years – even with Counter-Strike: GO.

Until 2018, you were required to buy CS: GO. Valve decided to make the game free to play. Yes, a game that was available since 2012 for you to purchase is available as a free-to-play game from 2018.

So, what happens to the newly released Counter Strike 2 game? Is Counter-Strike 2 a free-to-play game?

Well, the recently announced Counter-Strike 2 game is free to play. Yes, it is completely free to play on your Windows or SteamOS based Linux distros.

In-game content such as skins and crates will cost you real currency. Now, that is optional and is up to you if you want to purchase them or not. You need to note that these skins do not provide any winning advantage in your games in Counter-Strike 2. The in-game purchases are similar to what you saw in Counter-Strike: GO.

Is Counter Strike 2 Free To Play

When you take a look at the Steam page, you can see that the game is free to play. But, you will also notice that you can choose to purchase the Prime Status upgrade. This upgrade, when purchased, lets you play with players who have this upgrade. The reason why this became a paid feature is to combat cheaters and spammers who make use of mods to ruin other players game experience.

However, if you owned CS: GO before it became free to play, then you automatically have the Prime Status upgrade. This Prime Status upgrade from CS: GO will be transferred over to Counter-Strike 2. This means you do not have to make any purchases to get Prime Status. If you are looking for the old CS: GO game to play, you will not find it. The game no longer exists and you will only find Counter Strike 2 in the Steam store.

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