How to use Back Tap on Samsung Galaxy Phones [Unlock New Gesture]

As the screen to body ratio on phones increases with every new phone generation, the use of gestures also becoming the primary way of using the phone. It’s easy and you can choose almost every available gesture action. Plus you can add more gestures that aren’t available by default. If you have a Samsung phone, then this guide is for you. Here you will learn how to use back tap on Samsung.

Smartphone gestures gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and due to that smartphone OEMs keep adding new gestures as well. Navigation gestures are quite common these days, but other gestures like drawing specific letters or symbols to open apps or perform tasks, double or triple tap on front and back, and many other features.

One of the popular gestures is Apple’s back tap gesture which is available on iPhone as an accessibility feature by default. This is one of the best gestures as reaching for the back while holding the phone is as easy as tapping on the display. But it is not available by default on Samsung phones. You can still get it working on your Samsung phone by following this guide.

Supported Back Tap Actions

Here are functions that you can perform using the back tap gesture on Samsung.

  • Take Screenshot
  • Access Google Voice Assistant
  • Start pop-up window
  • Show notifications
  • Show recent apps
  • Back button action
  • Open an App

How to Enable Back Tap on Samsung

Since the back tap is not available on Samsung phones by default, you need to first enable it by using the popular Customization service called Good Lock. Yes, whenever there is an advanced customization talk we can easily assume it’s about Good Lock. Here’s how to enable back tap on your Samsung phone.

  1. Connect your phone to the Internet and open Galaxy Store.
  2. Search for Good Lock (from Good Lock Labs) and install it on your phone.
    How to use Back Tap on Samsung
  3. Open the app and look for the RegiStar module. Install the module on your phone by tapping the download icon.
    How to use Back Tap on Samsung
  4. After installing the module, go back to Good Lock, and tap the RegiStar module.
    How to use Back Tap on Samsung
  5. In RegiStar, tap Back-Tap action under Settings extension.
    How to use Back Tap on Samsung
  6. Enable the toggle to turn the back tap On.
    How to use Back Tap on Samsung

So this is how you can enable Back Tap on your Samsung phone using Good Lock.

How to use Back Tap on Samsung

Once you have enabled back tap on your phone, you can now assign preferred action to tap gestures. The back tap function support double tap and triple tap.

  1. Open RegiStar on your phone.
  2. Go to Back Tap action. Now tap on Double Tap and assign an action you prefer.
    How to use Back Tap on Samsung
  3. Do the same for Triple Tap and go back.
    How to use Back Tap on Samsung
  4. Now double tap or triple back at the back of your phone, and it should perform the action you have assigned.

Tip: If you don’t like the sensitivity of the back taps, you can change the sensitivity of the tap action that is best for you inside the Back Tap action settings. Increase sensitivity if you are using a hard back cover.

So there you have the complete guide on how to use Back Tap on Samsung. Which is the best action you prefer to use on the back tap? And if you have any queries let us know in the comment section.

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