How to change Font on Samsung Phones [Style, Size, Color]

Are you looking for some change in your Samsung phone UI without spending much of your time? You can change the font of your phone and it will make your phone look fresh in no time. How to do it? You will learn in this guide. Here you will know how to change font on Samsung phone.

When it comes to homescreen, lockscreen, or other system customization, fonts play an important role in every part. Earlier it was quite difficult to change fonts on Android phones including Samsung. But now it’s quite easy, thanks to the tons of customization options available by default.

If you want to read text on the display then various factors kicks in such as text should be visible, should not be over sized, should be readable, and more. And the font choice for each user could be different. So always try to check multiple fonts and choose the best one that suits your style.

How to Change Font on Samsung

There are various aspects of Font such as font size, font style, font color, and more. And here in this guide, we will share ways to change each font aspect according to your preference. With that said let’s now move to the steps.

Download Font on Samsung

If you have a Samsung phone, it is easy to download fonts as many as you want. There are three fonts preinstalled on Samsung phones but you can always install more. It is possible through integrated fonts search powered by Galaxy Store where you can find stylish, minimal, colorful, stock fonts. Let’s see how to easily download font on Samsung.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung phone. Make sure the phone has active Internet connection.
  2. Open Display and go to Font size and style.
    How to change Font on Samsung
  3. Choose the Font style option.
    How to change Font on Samsung
  4. Now tap on ‘+ Download fonts’ which will take you to the fonts hub.
    How to change Font on Samsung
  5. Browse and choose the suitable font style and tap the Download icon.
    How to change Font on Samsung
  6. The font will be downloaded to your phone.

Tip: For free fonts, explore Galaxy App Store.

How to change Font Style on Samsung

Font style is how the font looks. Yes, you can say it like handwriting. I believe when you downloaded a font in the previous step, you considered the style as your top priority. So once you have downloaded your favorite font, it’s time to set the font.

  1. Open the Settings app and go to the Display option.
    How to change Font on Samsung
  2. Scroll down and go to Font size and style.
  3. Tap on font style which will show the list of installed fonts.
    How to change Font on Samsung
  4. Choose the font that you have downloaded and it will apply to your phone.

Tip: You can choose to make the selected font bold by enabling the toggle available below font style option.

How to change Font on Samsung

How to Change Font Size on Samsung

Once you have applied your favorite font on your phone, it’s time to adjust its font. To change the font follow these steps.

  1. Open Display settings followed by Font size and style.
  2. At the bottom, you will see the Font size option with a progressive bar.
    How to change Font on Samsung
  3. Here you can adjust the point to make the font small or big.
  4. You will see the preview in the big text box.

Tip: Choose the font size according to your display size and selected resolution. If you have a big display you can choose bigger font and small font for a small display. Changing the resolution of your phone will also impact the font appearance.

How to change Font Color on Samsung

This is something not present on the Samsung device by default. So for this, we need to use a reliable third party app.

There are a bunch of apps for colorful fonts available on the play store. All you need to do is install a trusted app on your phone and follow its on-screen instructions to set up a color font.

Sadly there is no stock option available to choose a particular color for the applied font. It would be great if it’s added later in the upcoming One UI update.

Tip: You can change the color of the clock on the Lock Screen on One UI 5. Follow this guide for customization.

So there you have the complete guide on how to change font on Samsung Galaxy. You can follow official methods for most of the font customization, however, for the font color you need to look for alternatives. I hope you found the guide useful. In case you have any queries let us know in the comment section.

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