Ashutosh Singh

This secret tip lets you quickly take screenshot on Samsung

March 27, 2023

Samsung phones run on a custom UI called One UI. And it comes with many useful features.

But there is one area where Samsung should improve and that is the easier default way to take screenshots.

There are many ways to take a screenshot on Samsung but they are all quite difficult. In this story, I will share a quick shortcut to capture an instant screenshot.

We'll be using an official app from Samsung, available on the Galaxy Store. Install One Hand Operation+ on your phone from the Store. This is a Good Lock module, so install Good Lock as well

Open the app and turn the toggle on. Now tap on the left handle or right handle depending on your dominant hand.

Now tap on the preferred swipe operation below the handle and select Screenshot from the list.

Now when you make the selected gesture from half of your screen, the screenshot will be captured.

Palm swipe gestures or button shortcuts are not the easiest ways to capture a screenshot compared to what you learned today.