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How to Turn Off Google Assistant on Android Devices

Google assistant is probably the best virtual assistant available for Android users. It helps you to perform different tasks using some voice commands like Weather Updates, Set Timers, Send messages and more. The assistant helps you in guiding the map, solving mathematical queries and much more than we can expect. But, some users don’t like using the virtual assistants on their phone. So, Here’s the step by step process on how to turn off Google Assistant on Android devices.

Google Assistant – Highlights

Every year Google made some improvements & enhances the technology and the same in the case with Google Assistant. The assistant first came with Google Pixel and works fine with simple commands, then with the launch of Pixel 2 & I/O 17 Google assistant is available to every Android device with support of Home automation. In I/O 18, It came with amazing features like new voices, natural & continue conversation and more. Well, now it also starts to talk to real people in automated voice on the phone calls.turn off google assistant

According to me, It is a pretty useful virtual assistant if you’re using an Android device. But, If you’re worried about privacy then, you can disable it. So, Let’s dive into the process to deactivate or disable Google Assistant on Android phones.

Note: This is the Latest method, I tried it on my phone with Google App V.

How to Turn off Google Assistant on Android Devices

  1. At first, Open the Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” or even by holding the home button.
  2. Now Tap on the explore icon, placed at the top right corner of the assistant window.turn off google assistant
  3. Under the Explore section, click on three dots menu icon, placed at the top right corner.turn off google assistant
  4. Now Tap on Settings option.turn off google assistant
  5. Now Head over to the Assistant section by swiping to the right.turn off google assistant
  6. Under the Assistant section, scroll down and click on Phone.turn off google assistant
  7. You will see the Google Assistant is enabled. Click on the trigger to disable or turn off the Google Assistant.

After disabling the Google Assistant, you can’t able to access it. You can also check it by going back to the home screen and say Ok Google or hold the home button. Well, You can keep using the assistant to let him solve the day to day tasks. And If you feel you need the assistant, then you can enable Google assistant by following the same process and enable it again.

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So, this is the process to turn off the Google Assistant, it is as simple as setting it up on a new device. If you have any queries drop a comment in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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