Top 5 Google Pixel 2 Features that Makes it Better than Other

Google Pixel 2 has announced recently along with Google Pixel XL. These are the second generation Google’s Phone. There are some unique features carried by both Smartphones that keeps them on best smartphone category. The features mentioned in this post are for both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. All the five features are outstanding and make the phones cooler than the first gen pixels. Here are the Top 5 Google Pixel 2 Features that Makes it Better than Other. Google has used Machine learning to make Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 a great Smartphone.

Top 5 Google Pixel 2 Features:

1.  Squeeze the Phone

In pixel 2 there is squeeze feature similar to the HTC U11 Smartphone. When You squeeze the Phone from the lower side, the Google Assitant will Launch. You can customize the squeeze sensitivity according to yourself. You can also turn off this features if you don’t like it, but you can not assign squeeze to open other function. Google Assistant even got an update, and Now it works better than ever on Pixel phones.

2. Google Lens

You may have heard of Google Lens before, and Now it is also available in Pixel 2. Google Lens will Amaze you with its features.

How to Use :

You can open it from two Apps Google Photos and Google Assistant. Whenever you want to use Google Lens on your Phone Just Tap on Lens inside Google Photos and Google Assistant App.

What it can do :

  • Identify and provide information about any Historic Place.
  • Scan a movie poster and get details of that Movie.
  • Identify the Type of Flower
  • Scan any document to get an email address, Phone Number, etc.

This is not all features that Google Lens is capable of; It can do more than this.

3. Camera

Last year launched first gen Pixel phones were the best regarding Camera performance. But this year many flagship Smartphones launched with a better camera than First gen PixelPhones. But Once again Google has proven that no one can provide camera performance like Pixel Phones. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have highest rated Cameras. Both the Smartphones has scored 98 in DXOmark benchmark. Unlike other flagship smartphones, Pixel phones have only one camera at the back, but they perform better than Dual-Camera Smartphones. It is possible with the help of Machine learning that is used by Google to Make this smartphone better than ever.

4. Fast Charging

At present, many smartphones have the fast charging feature. Now Google Pixel phones also come up with this great feature. The Battery performance is really impressive. It can provide energy to your phone up to 7hrs with just 15min of Charge.

5. Unlimited Google Photos Storage

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have the unlimited Google Photos Storage. You can Keep High-Quality photos as many as you want, You don’t need to delete any images Now. Even you can store Unlimited 4K videos in Google Photos.

These are the only five of them which make the phone impressive. There are many more features available in Pixel Phones that you will like.

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