How to Get New Google Assistant Voices on your Android

The most popular virtual assistant has received a bunch of new features. In the I/O 2018, Google announced these features and some of them are now available for the users. Google tries to enhance the conversational tasks. It comes with features like New Voices, Continued conversation, Multiple Actions, & Pretty Please. Google Assistant adds 6 new voices, well the company tries to be more natural like Humans. The all-new 6 voices are similar to the humans.

Also, Assistant also gets the most awaited & annoying feature. Yes, There is no need to ask, “Hey Google” again and again. Now you can make your conversation in a continuous way. This feature will receive to the user in coming weeks. In this post, I will test How to Get New Google Assistant Voices.

How to Get New Google Assistant Voices

There is one more surprise for the users, Yes, the Google Assistant also got the voice of famous old musician named, John Legend. Also, It got 5 more new voices, which are very similar to the natural human voices. If you want to access these new voices, then follow the steps.

Note: Update your Google App to the newer version. I tested this out on V.

  • Open Google Assistant, by saying “Hey Google” or by pressing the home button.
  • Then, Click on the “archive type icon” available at the top of the assistant’s screen.How to Get New Google Assistant Voices
  • Now, tap on the three dots menu icon available at the top right corner and Click on the Settings.
  • Here, You’ll need to tap on the Preferences settings, then head over to the Assistant Voice Settings.
  • In the Assistant Voice Settings, Choice your favorite voice.How to Get New Google Assistant Voices

You can also experience these new voices on the Google Home, Home Mini, or Max.

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Well, I had loved the new voices. I tested this out on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), 7.0(Nougat), & 8.0(Oreo). You can also experience this on your tablet. This works with English, French, & Spanish languages all over the world. Well, I am also excited to experience more new things like Google Duplex, Android P Gestures, and a lot more. Well, I loved the 8th voice a lot, which one is your favorite please comment down below.

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