How to Turn Off Closed Captions on LG Smart TV

Closed captions on TVs are useful for those who might have difficulty hearing and understanding what is going on in the movie or TV show. While it does have a benefit for some people, the majority of the people feel like it’s unnecessary, especially when these closed captions are suddenly or automatically enabled. It can be distracting since closed captions usually describe and show more text as compared to subtitles. Do understand that subtitles and closed captions are different.

Closed captions are usually generated by the TV itself. So it’s possible; that these closed captions usually get displayed automatically. These days, every TV comes with closed captions and the same can be said for LG TVs. Now, if you’re someone that owns an LG smart TV and want to turn off the Closed Captions, you need to follow this guide that shows you how you can turn off closed captions on an LG Smart TV.

How to Turn Off Closed Captions on LG TV

Because closed captions are an accessibility feature, you might want to ask everyone at home if they are fine with turning off closed captions on the LG Smart TV. There could be a possibility that someone at home might have turned it on. So, ocean everyone is fine with having closed captions turned off, you can now follow these steps to turn closed captions off.

Turn Closed Captions Off on LG TVs with WebOS 5.0 (2020)

how to turn off closed captions on lg tv
  1. Grab the robot for your LG smart TV and switch the TV on.
  2. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote,
  3. Navigate and click on the Settings icon on the home screen.
  4. When the Quick Settings menu opens, select the Accessibility icon present at the bottom.
  5. At the top, you should see the Closed Captions option.
  6. Select it and change the setting from On to Off.

Turn Closed Captions Off on LG TVs with WebOS 6.0 (2022)

  1. Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote.
  2. On the left side, navigate and select the All Settings icon.
  3. Select the General option.
  4. Under general, scroll and select the Accessibility option.
  5. Select the Subtitle option and make sure to turn the toggle off.

Turn Closed Captions Off on LG TVs 2014 and Older Models (NetCast Models)

how to turn off closed captions on lg tv
  1. Using the remote, click on the Settings icon.
  2. Navigate to the bottom and select the Options icon.
  3. Now,  press the right arrow and select Captions.
  4. Select the Off option. You can use the left and right arrows on your remote to choose the Off option.

This concludes the guide on how you can turn off Closed Captions on any of your LG TVs out there. For some LG TVs, you will see the option as subtitles instead of closed captions. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to turn off closed captions easily on any LG TV.

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