How to Reset Emerson TV

Whether you are facing some issues on your TV, just want to optimize its performance, or simply aim to re-configure the settings from the start, a factory reset is all you need to do. In this article, you will learn how you can reset Emerson TV.

Emerson was initially recognized for selling basic LCDs at lower prices, but now they have a large range of smart TVs available on the market at affordable prices. A factory reset reverts the TV to its default settings. A user needs to perform a reset when there’s a problem that can only be fixed by resetting the device or when you want to sell the TV or give it away. Read on to check out the steps to perform the reset.

Reasons to Reset Emerson TV

There are numerous reasons why you might want to reset your Emerson TV. Some of the common ones are as follows:

  • A bug or glitch is hampering your TV viewing experience.
  • Facing technical issues.
  • Network or WiFi problems.
  • You might be selling or exchanging the TV.
  • Wish to re-configure the settings.
  • Amongst others.

Whatever the reason, resetting the TV is a great way to fix any problems, as it deletes all data and settings stored on the TV and brings your TV back to its factory settings.

So let’s have a look at the steps to reset Emerson TV.

How to Soft Reset Emerson TV

Before factory resetting your device, you can also try soft resetting your Emerson TV, as it sometimes fixes the problem you are having with your TV without keeping all the data. Follow the below steps to soft reset your Emerson TV:

Step 1: First of all, unplug your Emerson TV from the power source.

How to Reset Emerson TV

Step 2: Wait for about 60-70 seconds. In the meantime, press the Power button for about 20-25 seconds.

Step 3: Next, plug your TV back into the power source.

Step 4: Finally, turn on your TV, and your issue should be fixed.

How to Factory Reset Emerson TV? [Using the TV Buttons]

If the soft reset does not solve your purpose, you can easily factory reset the TV using the TV buttons. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Power off your Emerson TV.

Step 2: Long-press the Menu button on the TV, then tap the Standy-On button.

How to Reset Emerson TV

Step 3: Using the volume buttons on the TV, select Settings on the Service menu screen.

Step 4: Choose Advanced Settings.

Step 5: Finally, select Factory Reset.

How to Reset Emerson TV [Factory Reset using the Reset Button]

You can also use the reset button on the TV to factory reset the device. Note that not all Emerson TV models have a reset button. Just check the back of the TV and look for a pinhole. If you can see it or your TV has a reset button, follow the below steps to reset it:

Step 1: Turn on your Emerson TV.

Step 2: Press and hold the reset button either with a pin, paper clip, pen, etc. until the TV restarts.

How to Reset Emerson TV

Step 3: Release the button as soon as the Emerson logo appears.

How to Factory Reset Emerson TV [Older Models]

While some older Emerson models come with reset buttons, most of them don’t have a reset button at all. But worry not; you can still factory reset them using the other physical buttons on the Emerson TV. You can try any of the following button configurations to reset the TV:

  • Press the Vol+, Vol-, and Menu buttons at once.
  • Tap the Vol+, Vol-, and Channel+ buttons simultaneously.
  • Press and hold the Channel+, Channel-, and Menu keys.
  • Long-press the Channel+, Channel-, and Power keys.

Pick any of the combinations, and if one of them is not working, then you need to try the others.

How to Factory Reset Emerson TV [Using Remote Control]

Users can also factory reset their Emerson TV using the remote control by navigating to Settings. Follow the below steps to do so:

Step 1: Press the Menu button on the Emerson TV remote control.

How to Reset Emerson TV

Step 2: Select the System or Setup option.

Step 3: Choose Reset Default or Factory Reset. If you are unable to find it, select Advanced Settings.

Step 4: Wait for the reset to complete.

Once done, the device will restart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Emerson TV Have a Reset Button?

While most smart TVs do not have a physical reset button, some models have a pinhole reset button on the back of the TV.

Q. What Happens When You Factory Reset Your TV?

Once you perform a factory reset, all the data and settings will be erased from the device, and the TV will revert to its default setting.

Q. What To Do If My Emerson TV Won’t Turn On?

If the Emerson TV won’t turn on, you can try soft resetting the device. If that does not work, check out our dedicated guide on how to fix the Emerson TV won’t turn on issue.

That’s all about how you can reset Emerson TV. I hope the article helped you achieve the goal for which you are resetting the TV.

As stated earlier, if you are resetting the device because you are having an issue with it, then you first need to try soft resetting the TV since it does not delete the data but fixes the problem most of the time.

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