How to Force Close Apps on Android 13 [2 Methods]

With each update to Android phones, Google enhances the Android experience. Currently, the latest stable build available to the public is Android 13. However, Android 14 is also available in beta.

Android 13 allows you to view apps that are active in the background, making certain tasks much easier. One of these tasks is force-closing apps when necessary. If you’re seeking a guide on how to force close apps on Android, this guide is perfect for you. This guide is also useful if you just want to know which apps or services are active in the background.

Well, we shouldn’t keep closing every app each time we open it. This affects battery life and cache, which directly affects device performance. But there are times when you think you closed an app, but it remains active in the background. In such cases, you need to force close that app on your Android phone.

You may already be familiar with simple ways to close apps, but the procedure for force-closing apps is different. Additionally, custom operating systems often come with a different user interface compared to stock Android, which means the settings and process for force closing apps can vary for each custom skin.

Here, I am going to share methods for Stock Android, which is available on Pixel phones, Motorola phones, and some other brands, as well as One UI, which you can find on Samsung phones. Let’s get started.

How to Force Close Apps on Android 13

  1. On your Android phone running stock UI, go to the home screen.
  2. Now swipe down to bring up the Notification panel. Swipe down once more to reveal additional settings.
  3. Here, you will find the number of active apps. It’s important to swipe down twice as you won’t see it on the first swipe down.
    How to Force Close Apps on Android 13
  4. Tap on the “i” icon or the active apps message located at the bottom left.
  5. Upon tapping “Active Apps,” a list of all apps active in the background will be displayed.
  6. You will also find a “Stop” button. If you want to force close an app, simply tap the “Stop” button.

This method will work on Pixel phones and other phones running on Stock Android including custom ROMs like Pixel experience.

How to Force Close Apps on Samsung

Now, if you have a Samsung phone running on One UI 5, which is based on Android 13, you can follow this method to see which apps are active in the background and how to force close them.

  1. From the home screen or any app, swipe up from the bottom and release in the middle of the display.
  2. This will bring up the recent apps window. Above the recent apps, you will see the number of apps active in the background.
  3. Tap on the text or “>” icon, which will display the apps and services running in the background. It won’t show the apps that you can close from the recent menu.
    How to Force Close Apps on Samsung
  4. Next to the apps, there will be a “Stop” button that you can use to force close background apps and services on Samsung phones.
    How to Force Close Apps on Samsung

So this is how you can force close apps on Samsung phones.

In case you have a phone with a different UI, you can browse through different windows on your phone to find apps active in the background. Please note that this feature may not be available on older versions of Android.

That’s all on how to force close apps on your Android phone. In case you have any queries, feel free to use the comment section.

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