How to Get Rid of ‘Moisture Detected’ on Samsung

Is the moisture detection feature turning into a problem for you? If yes and you use a Samsung phone, then this guide is for you. Here you will learn how to remove the Moisture Detected warning message on Samsung phone.

Nowadays not only flagship phones but budget phones also come with water-resistant ratings. This means that the phone with a certified rating is sealed in such a way that water is prevented from entering the phone. And the claim makes us carefree and we don’t mind using the phone in water.

Using an IP67 or IP68 phone in water protects the phone from damage, but water can still seep into the charging port and other exposed points. And if the water stays for long, then Smartphones with water detection feature starts showing Moisture Detected Warning. And it won’t let you charge your phone.

It is a helpful feature that protects our device by alerting us about water drops and debris in the charging port. And once the tool gives a warning, we can take action accordingly. If you don’t know how to get rid of the moisture detected warning on Samsung then follow the methods below.

Turn Off your Samsung Phone and Wait

The first step you should take when you get a moisture detected warning is to wait for water particles to evaporate/dry. So switch off your phone and wait for some time. After waiting enough, turn on your phone and see if the warning is gone. Most of the time the warning goes away, if it doesn’t then follow the next method.

Dry your Phone

You can also dry your phone by wiping it with a cloth where you see water and also in the USB port. Also, try shaking your Samsung phone gently a few times but make sure the USB port is facing down so that the water droplets have space to come out of the port. Another method or additional method that you can try is to point the USB port towards the fan and turn on the fan to dry your Samsung phone.

Put your Phone in a Container of Rice

This is one of the most commonly used methods to get rid of water particles and moisture from the device. Rice can absorb moisture from devices. So if you are unable to remove the moisture from your phone, then put your phone in a bag or container of rice grains. The phone should be covered with grains of rice.

Leave the phone for a few hours. Take the phone out and give it a restart. The moisture warning should be gone.

Clear USB Cache

If the water drop icon with the Moisture Detected warning doesn’t go away even after trying the above methods, you can try clearing your device’s USB Cache. To do that go to Settings > Apps.

How to Get Rid of Moisture Detected on Samsung

Now tap the filter icon and enable Show system apps.

How to Get Rid of Moisture Detected on Samsung

Look for USBSettings from the list (you can use search) and open it. Tap on the Storage under the App info page and Clear its cache.

How to Get Rid of Moisture Detected on Samsung

Reset All Settings

One of the best features of Samsung is that it let you reset different system parts separately. This means to Reset settings you don’t need to Reset your phone. Resettings All Settings might fix the Moisture Detection Warning.

So how to reset all settings at once on Samsung? Open Settings and then go to General Management.

How to Get Rid of Moisture Detected on Samsung

Open the Reset option and then choose Reset All Settings. Confirm in the next screen and all settings will be the same as a new phone.

How to Get Rid of Moisture Detected on Samsung

Update your Samsung Phone

The moisture detection warning could be an error/bug. So if there is any update available on your phone, update to the latest version. To update a Samsung phone go to Settings > Software Update > Download and Install.

How to Get Rid of Moisture Detected on Samsung

After updating your phone check if the warning is gone. If it was a bug or error, you will no longer see the warning without any reason.

Enter Safe Mode

Safe Mode is one of the best tools for diagnosing problems on the device. If you have a Samsung phone you can enter Safe Mode to troubleshoot the warning issue. After booting to safe mode you don’t see the Warning, then one of the third-party apps might be causing the issue. You can exit the safe mode and remove recently installed third-party apps to see if the error is fixed.

Guide to Enter and Exit Safe Mode on Android

What if your Samsung phone is discharged?

As you know once the moisture detected warning appears you will not be able to use the USB port. So how can you charge your phone so that you can follow the above troubleshooting methods? Here are some alternative methods you can try to charge your phone.

Use Wireless Charger: If your device supports Wireless charging you can use a Wireless charger to charge your phone.
Connect your phone to a computer: When your device is powered off, you can connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable. This might charge your phone.

So these are some known methods a user can follow to get rid of Moisture Detected on Samsung. My advice is to take action as soon as you receive the warning on your phone to avoid water damage. Which method do you usually use to remove moisture detected warning? In case of any queries let us know in the comment section.

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