How to fix TCL TV’s Black Screen issue easily

Smart TVs are great when they are functioning properly and at the same time let you stream whatever content you like. Now, all of this is good as it improves the viewing experience at your home. Whether it’s the audio or video quality or for that matter even if it has an OS that lets you install almost any streaming app. Things can become a bit annoying when your Smart TV simply stops working. You question yourself, whether the TV is smart or not. Today’s guide will be about how to fix black screen issue on TCL Smart TV.

TCL produces and manufactures Smart TVs for consumers across various price points. You have the option to pick between an Android-powered Smart TV or a Roku OS-powered smart TV. Either way, these are great TVs. However, there are many owners of such smart TVs that report about their TCL Smart TV just displaying a black screen. This is not the experience people want. So, if you are someone that faces a similar issue with their TV, then it’s time to know a few ways how to fix the black screen issue on your TCL Smart TV.

Before moving to the troubleshooting ways, let’s see what are the reasons behind the TCL TV’s black screen issue.

Reasons for Black Screen Issue

There could be many reasons as to why your TCL Smart TV might be displaying a black screen. Here is why:

  • First, a software update might have caused this issue.
  • Loosely connected cables can also result in such an issue.
  • If the TV has at any time, fallen or been struck by something, there are chances that the internal compliments of the TV have been damaged.
  • Sometimes, the LCD strips or the display panel might be faulty which can be replaced.
  • Also, there can be an issue with the power supply of your Smart TV which can cause the TV to display a black screen.

Fix TCL Smart TV Black Screen Issue

The black screen issue on your TCL smart TV can be annoying, and make matters even worse if it is a Smart TV that you recently purchased. We have listed a few solutions and fixes that you can follow to solve the black screen issue on your TCL Smart TV.

1. Perform a Power Cycle

Whether you have the TCL Roku or Android Smart TV, a power cycle needs to be performed. This is how you do it,

  • Switch your TCL Smart TV off.
  • Unplug the TV’s plug from the power outlet and leave it that way anywhere between a minute or five.
  • Once you have waited for a few minutes, plug the TV back into its power outlet.
  • This is a type of soft reset that gets performed.
  • Do not worry, as none of the data has been reset or deleted.
  • Now, switch the TV back on.
  • You should now be able to hear the audio and also see the images on your TV right away.
  • If, for some reason, you were unable to fix the issue, head over to the next step.

2. Check your Cable Connections.

If you have connected a set-top box or for that matter, any other device such as a home theater or Blu-ray player, make sure that the cables are snug and firmly plugged into the ports of your TCL Smart TV. Also, ensure that you are viewing the correct HDMI input source on your Smart TV.

3. Check for Software Updates

Sometimes, there could be an issue with your TCL Smart TV. In this case, it would be recommended to check if there is a Software update for your particular Smart TV. Before you do this, it would be recommended that you place the TV in an extremely dark room and shine a torchlight onto it. If you can see what is being displayed on your TV, then you can use the remote to go navigate and check for updates on your TV.

4. Perform a Factory Reset

Now, if by using the above method you couldn’t find an update to the TV, the next thing you can do is perform a factory reset of your TCL Smart TV. Provided that you are still able to see details on your TV by using the torchlight, you can follow this guide to perform a factory reset for your TCL Roku TV.

However, if you have an Android power TCL Smart TV, then you need to follow these steps.

  • Grab the TV remote for your TCL Android TV.
  • Now using the remote, navigate and select the Settings icon on your TV’s home screen.
  • Scroll and select Device Preferences or else Storage and Reset option from the Settings menu.
  • Next, you need to scroll and select the Reset option from the list.
  • Select the Factory Reset option.
  • You need to choose the Erase Everything option.
  • You will be required to enter a PIN to begin the process. If you haven’t changed the PIN, you will find the default PIN on your TVs user manual.
  • With the PIN entered, you can now begin the factory reset process on your TCL Android Smart TV.

5. Send it to Service Center

If your Smart TV is under the warranty period, it will be best to contact the TCL customer service desk and explain to them about the issues you’re facing and state that it’s within the warranty period. They will either refund you the whole amount or will simply send in a technician to assess the issues or eventually replace the defective TV with a new one itself.


And these are the ways you can follow to fix the black screen issue on your TCL Smart TV, Now if your TV has gone out of warranty, it would be more sensible to get yourself a new TV. however, if you are someone or know of someone that knows how to repair the TV and with the correct parts, then you can surely give that method a try and see if it solves your issues.

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