How to Enable Chat Bubble on Android 11 (Step by Step Guide)

Android 11 is the latest OS for Android phones that comes with some great features. These new features may help you with a better day to day user experience. So if you are still on Android 10 then try out the latest Android 11 for features like Chat Bubble, revised user interface, and more. We have started sharing Android 11 guides to make it easier and friendly. And here in this guide, you will know how to enable Chat Bubble on Android 11.

Android 11 packs with some great features that most of us have been waiting for. And I think Chat Bubble is one of the most interesting features that will make the conversation easier. With this feature, you can quickly reply to conversations without opening or switching to the app. Android 11 is already available for Pixel phones and soon it will be rolling out for other phones too. And users already started loving the Bubble chat features.

How to Enable Chat Bubble on Android 11

The chat bubble feature is what Facebook messenger has. Yes, you will get a popup in a bubble where you can reply to conversations. In case if you are not familiar with the Chat Bubble then here you will know how to get it on your phone for all the supported apps.

As now most of the flagship phones already received the Android 11 at least with beta updates. You can use the chat bubbles on your phone to keep your conversations going on while using other apps. But in case if you don’t know the process to enable it on your phone. Then we got you covered, here you will know the steps to get chat Bubble on Android 11 running phones.

The process to enable Bubbles to feature on Android 11 is easy and you can enable it for all the supported apps. And the best thing is it will work for RCS messages too. So with Bubbles chat the Android 11 experience will be better and exciting. So if you are ready to enable Bubble chat on Android 11 then go through the steps given below.

Step 1) First make sure you have updated your phone to the latest Android 11.

Step 2) Open the Settings app on your phone and search for Apps and Notifications.

How to Enable Chat Bubble on Android 11

Step 3) Now select the Notifications tab and then tap on the Bubbles Section.

How to Enable Chat Bubble on Android 11

Step 4) It will list all the available options related to the Chat Bubbles.

Step 5) You can toggle the option “Allow apps to show bubbles` to enable or disable Bubble chat.

Now you get to experience the bubble chat feature on your phone running on Android 11. There are many other good features available on Android 11. And if you are not aware of any process to enable new features then you can follow our Android 11 guides. We will be sharing many Android 11 related guides that you can follow to get more insight into the feature.

Android 11 is by far the best Android update with some interesting features. You can also explore the Android 11 to get more details about chat bubbles features and other information.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to enable Bubble Chat on Android 11 with a few simple steps. It will work for all the supported apps. And if you have any queries regarding the guide then let us know in the comment section.

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