How to Check Your YouTube Music Recap for 2023

Want to know what your top songs and artists are for the year if you use YouTube Music to stream your music? Well, YouTube Music’s Recap is here.

YouTube Music Recap is a similar take on Spotify’s very popular Spotify Wrapped which has been around for a good number of years. Looking at Spotfy’s success with Spotify Wrapped, YouTube Music decided that they should get a fair share of the buzz on social media for a while.

So, if you are looking at how you can watch the YouTube Music Recap for 2023, you have come to the right place.

How to View YouTube Music Recap

The best part about getting access to the YouTube Music recap for 2023 is that it is free. You do not have to be a YouTube radio member to get access to these statistics. There has been a major improvement over the YouTube Music Recap from 2022 and this year’s Recap has a more personalized touch to it. What I’m saying is that in this Recap you can add photos from your Google Photos app that will sync along to the music.

What’s New in the YouTube Music Recap For 2023?

YouTube Music Recap for 2023 has several new features up its sleeve. YouTube is doing so that people get on the bandwagon to make use of YouTube Premium as well as the YouTube Music app. Here is a list of everything that you get to see in the YouTube Music Recap for 2023.

  • View the total number of minutes spent listening to songs on YouTube and the number of artists listened to.
  • Top 5 artists
  • Top Artist with hours listened to and number of songs of the top artist.
  • Top 0.1% fan artist
  • An early fan of the artist
  • Custom album cover for 2023
  • Number of songs listened to this year
  • Statistics for most listened track
  • Your top 5 tracks of 2023
  • Top 2023 Playlists of the Year
  • Top Albums of the Year
  • Music Moods of the Year
  • Top 5 genres of the year
  • Overall chart with top 5 artists, songs, genre, and minutes spent listening to music on YouTube.

How to View YouTube Music Recap for 2023 On Smartphones

The best and only way that you can view your YouTube Music Recap for 2023 is by installing the YouTube Music app for Android and iOS. No, you cannot check out your YouTube Music Rewind using the web version of the player. In the same way, the YouTube Music app for your streaming devices is unable to show you the YouTube Music recap for 2023.

How to Check Your YouTube Music Recap for 2023
  1. Launch the YouTube Music app for Android and iOS.
  2. Now at the top right corner, tap on your profile icon.
  3. A menu will now appear on your screen.
  4. Tap on the option that says Your Recap.
  5. Tap on the big button that says Get Your Recap.
  6. The Recap for YouTube Music will now begin to play.
  7. To view the next slide simply tap on the screen.
  8. Some stories from the YouTube Music Recap for 2023 can be shared.
  9. Tap on the download button to save the image to your device or tap and download to upload it to any of your cloud storage or social media platforms.

If you want to close out of the YouTube Music Recap for the 2023 story, you can simply tap on the X button in the top right corner of the story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you download the whole YouTube Recap to your device?

No, you cannot download the whole Recap story to your device, Only certain elements can be saved to your device.

Q. Do I have to listen to songs only from the YouTube Music app to get the Recap?

No. If you have an account on YouTube and you listen to songs via the YouTube app or web browser, you will still be able to get your Recap statistics for 2023.

Q. Do I need to be a YouTube Premium member to access YouTube Music Recap?

No. Whether you are a paid member or a free member, you will get access to the Recap statistics as long as you use any YouTube service to listen to your music.

Q. Can I view my YouTube Music Recap on the web browser?

No. YouTube Music Recap can only be accessed by installing the YouTube Music app on Android and iOS.

Q. Can I view my previous year’s YouTube Music Recap?

No. You will not be able to see the statistics apart from the Recap for your previous years. However, you can always check out the playlists that consist of tracks from your previous years’ YouTube Music recap.


This concludes everything you need to know about YouTube Music Recap for 2023 and also how you can access the Recap statistics on your smartphone.

What do you think about YouTube Music’s Recap feature? Does it need to be more polished? Also, share the amount of minutes you have spent listening to music via YouTube and the YouTube Music app.

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