25 Best Games Like My Time at Portia for Mobile and PC

When it comes to simulators and indie games, there are tons of them available in each category. If you combine both genres you get a game titled My Time at Portia. This is an indie game combined with elements of a farming simulator as well as a life simulator. It is a fun game to play and is available on the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and even on PC. And if you are looking for similar games here are 25 games like My Time at Portia for Mobile (Android and iPhone) as well as for PC.

My Time at Portia was developed by Pathea Games and released in 2018. The game was to get a new DLC expansion but is now looking to be a sequel titled My Time at Sandrock. The sequel is now available on Steam as early access with a release date set sometime around this year itself. If you have finished playing My Time at Portia and waiting on for the sequel, for the time being, you can check out the list of games similar to My Time at Portia.

Games like My Time at Portia for PC

1. Stardew Valley

The list begins off with Stardew Valley. This is a fun farming simulator type of game where you are given an old plot from your grandfather. You will have to turn this overgrown field into something beneficial for you. Armed with a set of tools, you have to learn to live off the produce that you grow. With a once lively and active town, Stardew valley has now come to a halt all because of the Joja Corporation, it is up to you to bring the valley back to its former glory.

Games like My Time at Portia

The game has a lot for you to explore around. Such as raising farm animals, exploring caves, crafting various kinds of tools that will help you on your farm. What’s even more fun is that you can play around 3 other players with whom you can share various resources. A super fun game indeed. We’ve also shared a list of games that are similar to Stardew Valley, check now. You can purchase the game on Steam for $14.99.

2. Sun Haven

Just like My Time at Portia, Sun Haven has farming simulator elements. Not only just farming, but you can also cook, smith, mine and craft various items as well be able to explore three worlds within the game itself. The game runs around hand in hand with Stardew Valley but has the addition of dragons and monsters. There are seven-character races for you to choose from plus a wide range of customization which fits perfectly for games like these.

Games like My Time at Portia

Customization plays an important role whether you are playing a solo game or an online multiplayer mode with 7 other players, everyone aims to look unique. There are RPG elements as well such as side quests as well as the skill tree which lets you upgrade your character as and when your progress around. If this is not enough, you can even have pets on your farm. The game has been developed by Pixel Sprout Studios and was released in 2021. Sun Haven can be purchased on Steam for $24.99.

3. Littlewood

The next pick in the list of games like My Time at Portia is Littlewood. Go ahead and rebuild your town and explore the various world in Littlewood. While you build up your town, you must also convince the townsfolk to be ready to shift and live in your newly built-up town. Be ready to customize your town by harvesting various kinds of materials, unlock various kinds of structures as well as fulfilling the requests of people that live in your town. The game has a lot of things going on to keep you busy as well as let you upgrade your town.

Games like My Time at Portia

Littlewood itself has colorful visuals and the number of things you need to do will keep you hooked to the game. Oh, and while you are busy building out your town you get to make a few friends that will help rebuild the town, go out on adventures, and will even go ahead and make various kinds of potions for your town. Littlewood has been developed by Sean Young and released in 2020. You can purchase the game on Steam for $14.99.

4. Forager

Well, the list of games similar to My Time at Portia keeps going on and on. Forager also has elements such as crafting, farming, and exploration. There are various roles that you can play within the game. You can choose to be a gatherer, merchant, farmer, adventurer, or even a builder. The game is super fun and at first, glance might feel like it’s a kid’s game due to the graphics and the character’s design.

Games like My Time at Portia

As you progress along, you can level up, fight various kinds of enemies, solve puzzles, uncover secrets and even enter various dungeons. If you simply want to play a fun and child out the game, Forager is the game to play. Developed by HopFrog and released in 2019, you can purchase the game on Steam for $19.99.

5. No Place Like Home

Games, where you have to rebuild a city, are always fun to play. In No place Like Home the main plot is different. Instead of the usual destroying Earth completely and settling off to another planet, in this game you and a few other people are only left on planet earth while the rest have settled off to Mars. Your job on Earth is to rebuild the destroyed places. There is plenty of things for you to do within the game, just like the other games like My Time at Portia. The game is however in early access, but the devs have planned for a release by the end of this year.

Games like My Time at Portia

No Place Like Home will then have three new zones, more than 50 quests, more than 5 new wild and farm animals each, 20 new crops, and 10+ farm equipment, because why not since you need to cultivate and grow your farm. Plus, you get to recycle various materials and reuse them, to craft things that will be beneficial to you. No Place Like Home is developed by Chicken Launcher and was released in 2020. The game is currently available on Steam at a 50% discount price tag of $9.99 and will retail at $19.99 when the full game is out. It is one of the best alternatives to My Time at Portia.

6. Coral Island

Coral Island is a game that has been redone from the classic games. Yes, it’s got a farm, various plants, and even characters that you would wish to interact with. Well, there are above 10 of them so yea, that’s a good start. You get to choose between only reviving the town or even taking an extra step ahead and bring the coral reefs back to their former glory. There are diverse characters available in the game that spans over all walks of life.

Games like My Time at Portia

You can build your dream farm, grow the town and even raise various kinds of farm animals to keep your farm a lively place. On top of that, you can play the game at your own pace, meaning there is no rush or worry about not building the farm on time, etc. The game is set to release later this year. The game has been developed by Stairway Games and will be soon out on Steam.

7. Hokko Life

Hokko Life gets seventh place in the list of best games like My Time at Portia. In this game, you have to build up a fresh village. Equipped with few tools, you start by building up various houses. You are the main planer for Hokko village. The game lets you hunt, craft, build, and even fish for survival if you have played Animal Crossing New Horizon, then you surely know where this game takes its inspiration from.

Games like My Time at Portia

Even the graphics are quite on pat with Animal Crossing and it might make you think while playing the game for the first time that you are playing Animal Crossings itself. The game has been developed by Wonderscope and has the same publishers as that of My Life at Portia- Team17. The game has just been released in June of 2021 and is currently under the early access program. Available for PC on Steam for $19.99.

8. Garden Paws

Garden Paws has the same plot as that of Stardew Valley. It revolves around your grandparents giving away their farmland to you so that you can build up your home and the nearby town as well to see people shift into the new town. Well, the game has everything that you expect as well as the ability to choose from 10 different animals and more than 400+ skins to make your character stand out. Plus, if you open your shop during a certain time of the day, then you’ll notice a lot of people coming in and buying stuff, meaning your business is making the money that it needs.

Games like My Time at Portia

However, if you love streaming, the game has Twitch integration, meaning that active viewers can be customers in the game and buy things from your shop. Quite a neat way of interacting with the viewers and the game. Garden Paws has been developed by Bitten Toast Games and was released in 2018. Available on PC as a purchase on Steam for $19.99. You’ll love playing this similar game to My Time at Portia on your PC.

9. World End Diner

So far, the games on this list of best games like My Time at Portia have all been about farms being inherited by you with hopes of bringing it and the town back to life. With World End Diner, you are the last restaurant on the last island. You get to farm, manage and cook food for the animals that come over to your diner. There are tons of food items waiting for you to be prepared and fed to the animals and robots as well. And the humans? Well, they have been wiped off the face of the Earth and it’s up to you to survive and tend to the animals.

Games like My Time at Portia

There are plenty of places that are waiting to be explored. As you progress through the game your character gets various upgrades and even new skills are unlocked. The game is fairly new with its June 2021 launch date. World End Diner has been developed by Andymente and is priced at $14.99.

10. Starvoly

While most of the games make you feel all good and nice about the place that you live in, Starvoly here puts you in a harsh environment with tons of rivals for you to beat. And, to survive all of this, you will have to do your best by building, crafting, and helping out the villagers. It’s like living the early stone age life where you have to tend to everything to survive. Oh, and you can even hunt and kill animals for your food.

Games like My Time at Portia

The game’s developers Zeratd Gaming have even more plans for this wonderful game. You probably. might have not heard about this game since it was released early this year in March. The game has no DLC and other editions of the game. We expect more content to drop as a free update hopefully. Even if it is paid it should be fine as the game on Steam just costs you $2.99.

11. Kyma Maker’s Island

Well, in Kyma Maker’s Island, you now replace your mother and take over as the deputy mayor. Being a deputy mayor means it’s your job to take over the reins of the city. From planning to functioning to evolution, you are in charge and responsible for the city. While you are busy with city work you are also on the lookout for your mother who has managed to go missing. There are clues all over the city and secrets to be uncovered to find out where your mother is.

Games like My Time at Portia

Need to develop the city? Build a trust level between you and them and watch the construction work ramp up. Well, if you like dark jokes and humor, this is the game you should be playing. Well, it’s quite fun and thanks to its open world, you can explore the city. Kyma Maker’s Island is developed by Kidness and released in 2021. This single-player open-world game is available on Steam for $11.99.

12. Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara is just like the other games on the list. Discover, build, farm, and create things on an island that you manage. You play as Koa who is in charge of taking care of the islands. What makes this game different is its unique narrative as well as the game design and graphics that make it pleasing to look at and releasing enough to play. Apart from managing your island, there are 20 others for you to discover plus 25+ characters in-game to interact with, which makes the game fun and interesting.

Games like My Time at Portia

Well, there are 300 quests for you to complete and other content that can be unlocked after purchasing the DLC. The game has its day and night cycle, which does affect how the game progresses on. Be Careful though, because if don’t tend to your islands well, the Elit cooperation would come over and take control of your island and the sea. This fun single-player game was released in 2020 and developed by Chibig. This wonderful summer game will cost you $24.99 on Steam.

13. Graveyard Keeper

Going by the game’s title, it is what it is. You have to manage a medieval period graveyard. But how? For starters, you die in a car accident that leads you to the graveyard. Now given that it’s the medieval period, you will have to build and ensign your graveyard according to the ages. Well, it’s just the same as how you would build a city or far in the other games, but just switch the farm with a graveyard for this game. Should you expect jump scares? I think not unless you play the game and find out.

Games like My Time at Portia

You will spot corpses around and it is your choice with what you do with it. You can either bury them off or simply just grind them and sell them off to the butcher for cash, the choice is entirely yours. Since it’s a graveyard, you will want to use as many shortcuts as you can while getting resources to build it up. Graveyard Keeper has been developed by Lazy Bear Games and was released in 2018. This medieval graveyard game can be purchased on Steam for $18.99, it is one of the best games similar to My Time at Portia.

14. Wasted World

Wasted World is set up in an apocalyptic world filled with wars, pollution, and a declining number of resources. With that being said, your job is to make use of the wasteland, clear it up, craft various items, farm different trees, and gather resources that you will need to survive. Once you’ve got enough resources, the next step is to increase production by building up machines and workstations. Also, you can recycle various products which help in protecting the environment and reducing waste as well.

Games like My Time at Portia

There are 3D elements in the game and the best part of it? Being able to customize your character to make it unique. You get to have even more fun with the multiplayer online mode where you and 3 other friends can combine up, perform tasks and bring the land busy with various elements that make it a part of a good and busy city. With so much good fun to have around, you will enjoy this game with friends or other players online. Wasted World is developed by Achrony and was released in 2020. The game is however still in Early Access and can be purchased from Steam at $19.99.

15. Circadian City

Circadian City is the next game in the list of best games like My Time at Portia. Life simulator games are fun, no doubt about that. But what if you wanted a bit more entertainment in a life simulator? Well, Circadian City is what you should be playing. The game lets you play in two worlds: The Daylife and The Dreamworld. The Day Life part of the game is where you play a character that goes to do work, make friends, and have a good time, everything that one could expect a person to do in their regular day-to-day life.

Games like My Time at Portia

You do have basic needs and other elements such as lifestyle and stress which have to be maintained and controlled. The Dreamworld part of the game is everything that you wish to do. There are various things that you can craft around, discovering different and mysterious characters, and even go ahead and achieve life goals that you’ve always dreamt about. Circadian City is developed by Nowhere Studios and was released in 2020. This early access game will cost you around $11.99.

16. Verdant Skies

Here is a game that has taken inspiration from 4 different games including Harvest Moon. This is a proper life simulator game that requires no explanation. It’s just a game that’s based on things you would do in real life. You can customize your character based on how you would want it to be.

Games like My Time at Portia

There are a lot of things for you to do in-game such as being able to date someone, decorate your home grow crops, and everything else other games on this list can do. Verdant Skies is developed by Howling Moon Software and released in 2018. You can purchase this game on Steam for $19.99.

17. Staxel

Here is a game that combines the graphics of Minecraft and Roblox. In Staxel, you can grow your farm and go ahead with various hobbies that you love to do. The village is yours to decide how you wish to customize it. And get help from various village residents. Since Staxel is a whole sandbox world, you will be able to customize it as to how you like it. While on the farm you can grow various kinds of products and even tend to farm animals.

Games like My Time at Portia

Based on how much care you take of your farm and everything else, you get taken care of by the farm with tons of products that you could use or even sell off to other resident villagers. If you are done with most of the work, you can have even more fun thanks to the multiplayer mode where you can invite your friends over to the farm. You can help tend each other’s farms, and even if you are good enough friends, simply biome neighbors to each other in the massive open world of Staxel. Staxel has been developed by Plukit and released in 2019. You can purchase this Minecraft/Roblox-looking game on Steam for $19.99.

18. Story of Seasons

Welcome to Mineral Town where you get to the farm given to you by your grandfather. The village is a beautiful and cheerful one. The neighbors that live in and around the town are quite friendly and they will be more than happy to help you and give you lots of information as well as meet people who you have met during your childhood.

Games like My Time at Portia

Apart from all the farming and making the town an even better place, you can let your character have a life of its own by dating a character in-game and maybe even starting up a family itself that will then help to take care of your farm. You can also go out fishing, cooking, and even taking a nice chill in the lake. In terms of graphics, the game looks quite good on par and even better than the graphics of My Time at Portia. Story of Seasons is developed by Marvellous Inc and released in 2020. Available on Steam for $39.99.

19. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Many games that are similar to that of Harvest Moon have been based on this very game itself. One of the most popular and best games in this genre that have been enjoyed by everyone. The light of Hope edition is the 20th-anniversary celebration game. The plot is the same where you tend to your fields and all that, but you survive a shipwreck and land in a small town. You expect people to be in the town, but it’s just empty. So, it’s up to you to start a new life and look after yourself. Armed with just a few tools, you have to start farming around, getting things rebuilt as well as repairing the lighthouse which will be helpful to all of those out there venturing in the sea.

Games like My Time at Portia

As your town returns to its former days of being alive, you slowly make new friends and might even start a family later if you wish to. The user interface of the game is pretty clean and simple to use without any unwanted clutter of menus where you spend time just clicking through options and options. If you are new to such a game there are super easy tutorials that will show you how to do the basic stuff. Overall, a great game and even more fun if you have played the other Harvest Moon games. Developed by Tabot Inc and released in 2017, the game can be purchased on Steam for $19.99.

20. Starbound

In Starbound you are lost in a spaceship and reach an unknown planet, you have two options: either choose to save the universe or float away in space on the lookout for empty planets. The game lets you create your own story thanks to the choices. Once you settle over on a planet, you then have to tend the farms, look out for various rare materials from other planets.

Games like My Time at Portia

Apart from all the farming stuff get a chance to explore various kinds of ancient architecture, modern cities as well as plants and animal life. There are 7 playable races that you choose from in the beginning and three game modes that you can play too. With a life simulator game set up in space, this is a must-play game if you love space altogether. Starbound has been developed by Chuklefish and released in 2016. You can buy the game on Steam for $14.99. Starbound is the last game in the list of best games like My Time at Portia for PC, now let’s move on to the Mobile alternatives of My Time at Portia.

Games like My Time at Portia for Mobile

21. Pocket Build

Pocket Build is a fun little game that lets you build a world with what you would want to have. It’s more of an open-world sandbox game where you can farm, raise cattle, help people and also make use of the unlimited sandbox mode. This mode is where you will have an unlimited number of resources waiting for you to be used. There is also a survival mode where you begin building the city from scratch.

Games like My Time at Portia

There are no limits to what you can build- a city, a castle, or even a whole farm just to be with the livestock and survive on whatever you plant around. This is a free-to-play game on Android and iOS and is developed by Moonbear.

22. The Sims Mobile

The Sims games have been popular for a long time, thanks to several games in the series and their availability on various platforms. The Sims Mobile is a life simulator game where you need to perform various tasks that you would do in the real world to survive. The game has a lot of things to offer. From building your house to managing your work and even other areas such as small gardens and other cities for you to explore and even make new friends with people at work, on the street and invite them to stay at your home.

Games like My Time at Portia

At first glance, it may not seem like a survival game, but later on, the main goal is to survive and live a fun life. If the needs are not fulfilled, you can end up with your character being dead. The Sims Mobile is developed by EA and is free to play on Android and iOS. It is one of the best games like My Time at Portia and you’ll love to play it on your iPhone or Android.

23. You Are Hope

This is a mix of survival, building, and farming simulator. The game is fun as you begin by being born in different places, a farm a city, or even in the wilderness. You are either born to a player or you play the role of a young child who has to look around for resources to help build the home and farm with the other players. The gameplay changes based on the place that you have been born. As you progress around through the game and your character grows, you will then be able to recruit other people who are also players in the game to help build and expand the city or farm.

Games like My Time at Portia

You must have plenty of resources so that you and the others will be able to survive out of it. As your in-game character’s life comes to an end, you get to have a look at the family tree and see how things have progressed along the way. The game is available on Android and iOS for $3.99.

24. Hunter Legacy

The game falls right in line with My Time at Portia. It begins with you inheriting a piece of land from your ancestors that’s completely barren. Your job is to build and farm out of it so that it caters well to your survival. There are quests that you can go on to loot out various resources. You must find blueprints to craft weapons, hunt animals and even learn different kinds of attack skills, 36 to be precise.

Games like My Time at Portia

There are 29 levels to complete and, if you don’t make your character have food, water and allow it to survive, then you might as well say goodbye to it and start all over. It’s a survival game, so if you can’t survive you are doomed to death. Hunter Legacy has been developed by Cinnabar Games and is free on the Play Store and App Store.

25. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is the last game in the list of best games like My Time at Portia for Mobile. Fallout Shelter is more of a building and survival simulator where you build a huge underground vault to shelter people and make use of useless junk into things that are quite useful to the people who live at the shelter. Your people will be then trained to work at different jobs according to the skills that they possess When you have your shelter vault all complete, you can then go ahead and explore unhabituated land, start work and build a new vault there as well.

Games like My Time at Portia

Of course, as the main person of the vault, it is also your job to ensure everyone’s survival and protect the shelter from various kinds. Overall, a good time passing and a free game to play by Bethesda on Android as well as iOS.


With a ton of games similar to My Time at Portia, the list goes on and on. There are even more games that are set to be released in the coming months and even in 2022. These games are fun to play as they are the no rush kinds and also play at your pace which gives you complete peace of mind. Do try out the games on this list. If you’ve played any of the above-mentioned games, do drop in a comment and tell us your experience playing a particular game.

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If we’ve missed your favorite My Time at Portia Mobile alternative, then let us know in the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends.

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