10 Best Games like Hades for PC, Android & iOS [Dungeon Crawler Games]

Dungeon crawler games have been around for quite a long time. One of the recent dungeon crawler games is Hades by Supergiant games. It was released in 2018 and has gained quite a lot of popularity amongst fans of hack and slash kind of games. You know hunting out various dragons and monsters all around. Let’s take a look at some dungeon crawler games like Hades or Games similar to Hades on Android and PC.

Now, of course, there are tons of games that are available to play from various genres. Yes, there are lots of dungeon crawler games available to play but which one would you pick up and play? Sometimes it does get confusing because some games might seem interesting to play by the looks but in reality, it isn’t that fun. You can read along through the list of games like Hades that you can play on PC and Mobile.

Games like Hades for Android

Many gamers like to play games on their smartphones. So we have separated games for PC and Mobile. So if you are looking for games similar to Hades for Android or iOS then check out this section. For PC follow the next section.

1. Soda Dungeon 2

Games similar to Hades

Here is a mobile game that is based on turn-by-turn combat, has plentiful loot to collect, and above all, the ability to fight off various kinds of bosses. The game has lots of dimensions for you to travel through. There is even the option of being able to build and upgrade your weapons. The game has a lot of things for you to do like exploring the world, climbing out mountains, and even being able to enter around other people’s areas to get rid of rodents.

The game has battle credits that you can earn which can be used to redeem various kinds of resources when you aren’t actively playing the game. This is a feature that will keep making players come back and play the game. You could also play the first Soda Dungeon game which is also like Hades. Soda Dungeon 2 has been developed by Armor games and is available as a free download from the App Store and PlayStore.

2. Pathos

Games similar to Hades

Pathos is a classic dungeon crawler game like Hades. Though the graphics look quite simple from the early 90s days, it has a fair share of complexities in terms of the controls. You get to run and explore various kinds of dungeons. You do have bosses that you can fight against and then escape around for your life before you get caught and killed. Yes, there is plentiful loot that you can collect around and carry with you. The game also has a turn-based mechanic and various real-time modes for you to enjoy.

Plus, there is the hall of fame, a leaderboard that will show you the top 20 players of the game. The game has in its recent update added the option of custom characters for players to have a bit of freedom with their characters design. The game has been developed by Callan Hodgskin and is available as free to download for iOS and Android devices.

3. Caves

Games like Hades

If you love pixel art designed games then, Caves is the game for you to play. Caves is a turn by a turn-based game where magic and technology go hand in hand. There is a lot of things that you can do in this game such as building up your base, which can be upgraded around. You will be equipped with heavy armor and a choice from various special abilities. Also, you have the option to customize your character from a list of stats available to make the desired character strong in a particular aspect.

It wouldn’t be a dungeon crawler if there aren’t areas for you to explore. There are tons of weapons available for you to choose from and each weapon has its specialty. 36dev the developer of the game has also stated that the game is actively worked upon to bring in new content and other gameplay elements. Caves is a free-to-play game like Hades and available for download on the Google Play Store.

4. Hoplite

Games similar to Hades

Hoplite is a turn-by-turn-based strategy game that has been around for quite a long time. There are around 24 different levels for you to complete. Many of the maps are shaped like a honeycomb. The game requires you to make tactical movements and one wrong move could make things a bit messy for you. You could suddenly get the enemies attacking you right away. For each level, you have six lives. If you waste your lives you have to start the level all over again.

Even though the game looks and feels simple, it does get a bit advanced at higher levels. Hoplite is a game developed by Magma Fortress and is available as a free download for Android as well as iOS devices.

5. Dead Cells

Games like Hades

Dead Cells is a 2D platformer dungeon crawler game like Hades for Android. You play as the result of a failed alchemic experiment that explores the islands to check out the constant changing castle. There are lots of levels for you to explore around and unlock every time you die. Tons of enemies will at you attacking and waiting to send you back to your cell. The good part of this game is that you have the freedom to play it at your own pace. There is no need for you to rush around at all, which feels nice as it makes playing the game feel more relaxed.

Now, of course, this is a mobile game, but thankfully it has controller support which makes playing this game even more fun. Dead Cells also has additional content that you can download called The Bad Seed. The new LC brings in many more levels and monsters that you play in and attack. The game has no ads whatsoever since it’s a paid game. The game has been developed by Playdigious and costs $8.99 and is available for purchase on Android and iOS.

Games like Hades for PC

Here you will find games for the Windows PC platform. Check the list of best games like Hades.

6. D&D Dark Alliance

Games like Hades

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is a new game that was recently launched on the 22nd of June this year. The game is a successor to the popular Baldur’s Gate game. Well, the new D&D: dark alliance game is more of a tabletop game that has a lot of things incorporated from Icewind dale. We have covered D&D: Dark Alliance and you can read more about it over here

7. Diablo 3

Games like Hades

The Diablo series of games have been popular for a long time. While there is a new Diablo game coming out (which you can read more over here), Diablo 3 is the one that fits perfectly in the list of games like Hades. The game has tons of stuff for players to explore around. From being able to choose from seven kinds of classes which you can then customize to your personal choice with various kinds of builds. Loot is quite important in the game and there is a lot of it that can collect and store as they will come in pretty useful later during the game.

There is a lot of places for you to explore and roam around within the game and a whole lot of monsters that you can kill. Even though the game has been released way back in 2012, the game continues to receive various season updates. With that being said, the season 24 update is expected to be coming anytime soon. Diablo 3 has been developed by Blizzard Entertainment and is available for purchase from Battle.net.

8. Torchlight II

Games like Hades

Here is another game similar to Hades. It was released back in 2012. The second Torchlight game has a lot of stuff as compared to its previous game. The game is filled with various levels, enemies, and tons of loot for you to collect. This dungeon crawler RPG game has a lot of things that will keep any RPG player entertain for a long time. You get to choose from four classes of characters and even customize them. The game has quite a big open world for you to roam and explore around and, with mod support, it makes the game even better.

Nothing better than playing with your friends online all thanks to the multiplayer mode in Torchlight II. If you wish, you could even go ahead, have a pet and go fishing too. The game has been developed by Runic Games and is available for purchase on Steam for $19.99.

9. Grim Dawn

Games similar to Hades

A fantasy world dungeon crawler game from 2016 which is quite similar to Hades. The game has a complex number of levels with an endless number of builds, all while choosing one out of the six classes and around 25 skill sets per class plus more than 250 types of skills from various types of equipment and addons. The game has around 35 quests for you which can sometimes be quite challenging. Since the human population is getting extinct you have to save them and help rebuild the world by collecting various kinds of important items for survival and even build up different structures for the humans to live in.

The combat levels are rough, fast-paced, and extremely violent, which might be a bonus for a few people. The dungeons have been created in such a way that helps you increase your progress by killing the enemies. The minute you enter the dungeon, you can either kill the enemies and move ahead or die and restart from the dungeon itself. Grim dawn also features a 4-person multiplayer mode and beat various challenges as a team. If you are looking for games like Hades, then you should give it a try. Grim dawn has been developed by crate Entertainment and is available on Steam for $24.99.

10. Path of Exile

Games similar to Hades

We end the list of games similar to Hades with a free game for PC. Here is a free-to-play online RPG game that has won the BAFTA Games Award for Evolving game. As the game’s title goes, you play the role of an exile trying hard to survive and fight your way through various enemies. Now it’s an RPG game and what does one expect from such games? The ability to customize. There are a lot of options for you to choose from to make your character look unique. The main aim of the game is to hunt for various items and kill all the enemies.

There is even the option to be able to customize your hideout and even, later on, build your personalized town. And with the added benefit of being able to play online, there are various PvP matches and even modes such as capture the flag. Plus, you can earn rewards for the daily events as well as other races in different worlds and their economies.

The game is a free-to-play game and there is no way for you to win or progress ahead by spending real money on various in-game items, thus making the game fair enough for everyone playing the game. The game has been developed by Grinding Gear games and was released in 2013. The game is available as a free download on Steam.


And this concludes the list of dungeon crawler games like Hades for PC as well as Mobile. Out of the games from this list, the most recommended ones will have to be Diablo 3 on PC and Soda Dungeons 2 on Mobile. We hope to see more developers come out with more dungeon crawler games like hades to play on both platforms. Let us know your pick which is similar to Hades. Enjoy gaming!

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